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Pure CFNM started over 6 years ago, it was introduced on the old version of the All Things CPNM Blog. Still going strong every week with new CFNM scenes, Pure CFNM is a phenomenon that all CFNM fans can find something to enjoy on. In the two video samples below, two men are faced with similar situations: girls manipulating them through blackmail or trickery to get naked for them and their girlfriends. It’s slightly embarrassing for the guys, but with the attention they get, that embarrassment gives way to pure enjoyment – and a enjoyable CFNM scene to watch.First, in “Blackmailed Into Stripping”, our poor average Joe is threatened with the release of embarrassing photographs if he doesn’t strip off for Jessica’s friends. In the second clip, our guy is given a shot at a hot time with a girl he knows – blindfolded. He’s then given a huge shock when she has taken him into a room where 7 women all see him in his birthday suit and has to keep it up, as they laugh and make rude comments! And since Pure CFNM members also get access to Hey Little Dick, I’ve included some picture sets from both sites down below. Check these newer scenes out and look forward to more CFNM tomorrow!
blackmailed-into-stripping-nude-for-3-hotties stripped-blindfolded-and-sucked-off-in-front-of-giggling-girls CFNM on VE:
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 1
Clip 2
Much more here!

5 women strip a well hung guy naked  models check out photographer's cock 3 women strip the plumber and laugh caught masturbating by girl in the shower
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