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Since I referred to the CFNM genre of “cock shock” in a previous post here, I thought it befitting to do one in the the traditional sense. It’s similar to that previous post, as the focus is on girls’ reactions to seeing a seriously huge cock. However, these girls are with black men – completely astounded by the monster cock in front of them! These first two come from one of the best online sources of this type of CFNM: Bang Bros.’ Monsters Of Cock. Both girls are completely blown away by how truly huge the guys’ cocks are! Then I’ve put together 4 more CFNM cock shock movies, all being from the days of VHS, the ’90s. The first starring the infamous Sean Michaels, the second featuring a husband filming his wife jerk, foot job, and suck a black guy in their living-room. The last two are extra special, as they were requested by Bernard Z. Grate (aka “Bernie” or “Steve Shine”). They come from a hot scene from Pick Up Lines 43, where porn star Jake Steed completely blows away Annie Bunz with his immensely huge dick. The first clip is the “behind the scenes” contains footage of Annie’s commentary and hilarious reactions, whereas the second clip is the actual initial reaction, blowjob, and facial cumshot from the scene. It’s a nice mix and has some awesome reactions!
looking at his cock up close Mandingo-scares-European-woman-with-his-gigantic-dick Monster cock CFNM on VE:
Streaming clip 1
Streaming clip 2
Monster cock CFNM on UTV:
Streaming clip 1
Streaming clip 2
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2-asian-girls-with-Sean-Michael-monster-cock husband-films-wife-jerk-footjob-and-blow-a-black-dude-cfnm completely shocked by the size Pick-Up-Lines-43-cock-shock-blowjob-cumshot
Monster cock CFNM on VE: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4 & on UTV: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Download all 4 Monster cock clips on MS: here or on MC: here

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  1. 1 Bernard Z. Grate

    this is by far the best and most natural un jaded cfnm reaction you can get.

    thank you so much for digging up this one~of~a~kind gem!

    Bernard Z. Grate

    CFNM Director & Film Star *

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