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I never really used to find many of these sorts of amateur CFNM situations very hot until I found myself watching videos just like these below. There is something very erotic about the fact that the girls are almost animalistic in their desire to get the guy’s pants off. Sometimes it’s erotically charged, in that the girl or girls involved are doing the forced stripping because they are turned on. But it seems like these are more often a situation where the girls are laughing and having a good time while embarrassing the guy in front of their friends. Of course once there’s a sight of cock, there’s a variability in the clothed women’s reactions – but it’s those different reactions that make the moment so hot. I hope you all enjoy the forced stripping CFNM in this post and should definitely check out Pure CFNM for TONS more of this type of CFNM scenario!

cute girls strip a guy while others giggle and film

Cute girls strip a guy while others giggle and film.

2 grls force strip guy at a party

Two grls force strip shy guy at a party.

stripper strips 2 guys onstage while girls watch

Stripper strips guys onstage while girls watch.

brunette helps strip guy so she can suck his cock

Brunette helps strip guy so she can suck his cock.

hot stripper chick strips a guy naked on the street

Hot stripper strips man naked on the street.

Blonde chick depants guy friend in backyard

Blonde chick depants guy friend in backyard.

club girl strips multiple guys in water wresting event

Girl strips multiple guys in wrestling event.

depantsed in front of two girls at a party

Depantsed in front of two girls at a party.

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stripped by two women at work

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10 Responses to “Fun CFNM Footage Of Amateur Girls Forcefully Stripping Guys In Various Settings”  

  1. 1 observer

    Thanks for great post! Its been a while since you posted japanese cfnm stuff 🙂 .

  2. 2 admin

    @observer: you’re very welcome! And you’re right, which is why I posted one in the post before last. 🙂 There’s more to come, for sure! I love the stuff. And you hopefully know that if you ever get tired of waiting for me to get around to posting excellent Japanese CFNM video, there’s two you can always find it on: and/or Asia Movie Pass. They both are regularly updated, especially the latter!

  3. 3 chaoslord

    Thanks for this update, Super…. appreciated.

    I think the reason why girls love quickly stripping guys’ pants off to get a quick look & maybe a pleasant surprise is because male genitals come in all shapes & sizes, unlike, generally, female ones, which tend to be fairly standard-issue. And a girl always likes a pleasant surprise.

  4. 4 um

    I notice this is mostly a European phenomenon … I wonder why

  5. 5 admin

    @um: I noticed that also. I think maybe it’s because of a couple reasons: one could be because American girls don’t get that aggressive towards guys on average compared to other countries because of our cultural values. Or that the cultural reservations of the heightened level of digital privacy we have had much more of recently here in America keep girls/guys from uploading the videos they’ve recorded of this type of behavior. Or more simply, it could be that YouTube, Daily Motion, and Facebook have developed anti-nudity algorithms that are more effective with American English uploaded videos.

    I kind of think it’s the last two. But mostly the last one, as it’s really easy to find female and male nudity in videos on YouTube that come from European countries. Especially Eastern European countries!

  6. 6 jj

    Great post. The amature stuff is always my favorite, but it can be difficult to find :(.

  7. 7 admin

    @jj: thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. And yes, amateur stuff is always the best, and what’s great is that it’s getting much easier to find as more independent, amateur producers are making videos. I mean, even just in this post, I mentioned three separate websites all which use incredibly amateur girls and guys in their respective member areas: Stuntcocks Handjobs, Silvercherry Handjobs, and Oceans East Handjobs. And that’s just 3 of them. There’s more that I’m going to be talking about very soon. It’s really all just up to what kind of stuff you’re more into: fantasy scenarios, or relaxed – somewhat non sexual interactions, party atmosphere scenarios, etc. Really, when you become more aware of all that’s out there, it isn’t as difficult to find as you might think!

  8. 8 paul

    im a 45yo guy from london and id love 2 get into cfnm again. I used to do it in my twentys, any suggestions?

  9. 9 John

    Hey can you reupload these videos? These set were the best! Thanks

  10. 10 Ashash

    Guys please re upload those videos, they are so good

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