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The best thing about this type of CFNM exhibitionism is that the women that are doing the watching are completely comfortable with the situation. Why? Because they are far away, able to watch without any worry. It’s pretty easy to tell if a girl is into watching the naked guy if she’s videotaping it! Now although you can’t see much in some of these videos, it’s the audio and the reaction shots that completely make the CFNM interaction worth checking out. That goes especially for the first and third ones! The third and fourth clips are actually of the same people on different nights! I’ve only done one other post of this type of CFNM this post, as the footage is quite rare, so it’s a real treat. Enjoy!

2 girls film nude male exhibitionist neighbor

2 girls film nude male exhibitionist neighbor

3 sets of girls watching him walk around naked

3 sets of girls watching him walk around naked

Naked guy watched and photographed by girl

Naked guy watched and photographed by girl

Voyeur catches neighbor couple's CFNM

Voyeur catches neighbor couple’s CFNM

Voyeuristic CFNM movies via PH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
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7 Responses to “Amateur Female CFNM Window Peeking and Voyeurism Footage”  

  1. 1 libertinexxx

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but just because I woman records you doesn’t mean she’s into it. There was that famous case a few years back of the guy flashing and jerking off on the subway. A woman pulled out her camera, which he thought was the greenlight to keep going, but she was actually recording him in order to turn him into the police.

  2. 2 Bix

    Funny. Face it – everyone is a lil’ bit freaky. We all like to look…

  3. 3 Sparky

    The chick in video 3 isn’t taking pictures so she can wank off to them later… it’s evidence to show her friends and something to laugh at later.

  4. 4 admin

    @libertine: you’ve got a point here, and you’re right, that logic doesn’t always apply. However, I think in the case of these four videos, it does – given how the people are reacting and interacting based upon their verbal and behavioral cues.

    I mean, take the first video as an example: these two women are videotaping the neighbor of one of them – as she’s been talking about the “naked guy who lives across the street” for awhile and has invited her over to actually witness it happening. They both comment on how weird, yet exciting it is – delving into the psychology of it all. Except they seem to get pretty hung up on how hung the guy is (pun very much intended.).

    The second video is made up of a few occasions where the guy has literally just left his windows open and walked around his hotel room naked, videotaping any possible voyeurs. Obviously by watching the video, you see that there’s quite a few interested onlookers. They not only make one sighting, they come back repeatedly to check him out even more.

    The third and fourth videos are both from the same guy and his young couple neighbors. In the third one, he intentionally leaves his light on while jerking off in the window, as the girl is about to give her boyfriend head. They stop because they see him, call in their friends and they all amicably notice, and seem to have a good laugh at what’s going on. But the girl is all about getting it on video with her phone! If I remember right, the fourth video came out later, meaning that even after she witnessed him in the window, jerking off and seeing her and her friends “catching” him, they put on a show of their fooling around by leaving their windows wide open to the outside world’s watchful eye.

  5. 5 admin

    @Bix: you could be onto something there I think! Most people have at least some curiosity as to what somebody is up to if they are naked in front of a wide open window in full view of whomever wants to see.

    @Sparky: you’re probably right, man. She most likely showed a bunch of her friends the footage and they all probably got a good laugh out of it. That’s how streakers are received by most onlookers, right? It’s all in fun. I’m not implying it’s sexual, unless you want to take it that way, I can’t really stop that. But for me, I entertain all the different types of positive reactions and thoughts these women might have, and it’s endlessly entertaining. That’s truly what CFNM is though, isn’t it? The mystery and psychological underpinnings of how women perceive naked and exposed men in the vast variety of settings.

  6. 6 Jeff

    simply AWESOME

  7. 7 libertinexxx

    I absolutely agree with you in these instances. But as somebody myself who doesn’t mind letting women ‘accidentally’ catch me in the nude, I just wanted to pass along that warning. Best to look for other signs that they are enjoying the show; if she goes straight to take a picture or record you, it’s not always for safe reasons.

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