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I’ve got to apologize for the fact this medical CFNM scenario post took so long. To explain succinctly, technical difficulties with the video hosts delayed things big time! But these two fantasy medical setting CFNM from CFNMEU are interesting enough to make up for at least part of the delay. But another post is coming soon after, to make up for the rest. Now, you may remember I announced the facelift of this well established Eastern European CFNM website in a post you can see here. I also needed to let you all know that CFNMEU is DYING for input for their current site and future CFNM projects. I’d contacted them about their HD content and implied that they would rule if they just changed some things they’re currently doing. I just mentioned that things would be better if they’d take some direction from the audience they’re trying to sell to. They responded quickly and are VERY receptive to change and are looking for input, so please, lay out your specific wishes for me to pass along them! I’m working up some ideas myself!
Nurses examine and manipulate male patient Nurses take advantage of his ankle injury Medical CFNM via PH:
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Medical CFNM via EP:
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2 Responses to “Men Made To Be Naked & Exposed In Front Of Women In Medical Scenarios”  

  1. 1 evelyn masters hayward

    we love the CFMN Europe scenarios, espcially when the men are muscled, alpha types made to be the sex object. One particular observation is when the female models are administering a finger or two for the mans prostate stimulation, their fingers are not going deep enough or even positioned properly to stimulate the prostate, so you never really get a genuine male response.
    It would absolutely perfect if the female performers would take their time and actually find the male’s prostate with their fingers and then tease and stimulate the man in different techniques so the audience sees the mans reactions in real time play out in the video.
    Also, having the males responses be true and definitive of what is being done to them always makes it so much more sensual.

  2. 2 Jon Harris

    Would love to see a prom scenario where the guys are required to be naked but the girls are wearing regular gowns. Getting their prom pictures taken, and then on to the dance floor. The girls could jerk off guys are even make the guys engage in some homo erotic activity.

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