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You all know that I can’t get enough of clothed amateur women having the time of their lives with male strippers, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise to see this update. The last male stripper post had a mixture of large group and small group parties. I’m focusing more on the big group dynamic, girls watching not only the strippers do their thing, but also watching what the other women are doing with the guys. It’s incredibly hot to see girls’ naughty behavior with a scantily clad or naked stripper, knowing that they are doing it in front of their friends and strangers. It’s like they don’t give a flying fuck what anybody thinks, they’re having fun! It’s the type of CFNM situation I love and what this blog and Dancing Bear are all about: clothed women having no strings attached fun with naked men! If there’s some feedback on this, expect to see much more of it here on the blog – movies and pictures alike.
Whipped cream sucking - amateur male stripper Whipped cream sucking - big male stripper Stripper CFNM on EP:
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Streaming clip 2
Stripper CFNM on ML:
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Streaming clip 2
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7 Responses to “Groups Of Clothed Women Having No Rules Fun With Naked Men”  

  1. 1 howdeall

    great update the dancing bear/partyhardcore discussion has long run its course “are they all actors are some real amateurs” but the last few clips seem def amateurs and very hot!!
    a question about prev post (mr lothar) i think Are these shows just a night club as they seem pretty amazing also!!
    Keep up gr8 work

  2. 2 Please Read

    Some of the links on that “mother less” video hosting site really disturb me. The people in them look way too young.

    I refuse to go to that site again.

  3. 3 Garry

    Great post!

  4. 4 sariastra

    Well done super – keep up the good work – we all appreciate it …

  5. 5 admin

    sariastra: I really appreciate the support, man. If there is anything that you would like to see more or less of, be sure to let me know. That goes for everyone reading this! I need and desire all of your feedback on a regular basis! Thanks.

  6. 6 destructo

    hey admin. i’m following your site for ages…love it….keep doing it !! one thing regarding the links…they don’t work anymore. damn. could you re-upload them on erofile or somewhere else…they deserve it

  7. 7 admin

    2destructo – thanks for your support of the site! And the first two videos work if you use the EP (ErProfile) links. The last four, unfortunately do not work. Videarn shut down their service and Motherless deleted ALL the videos I’d uploaded there. So about 3 years’ worth of clickable thumbnails have dead links.

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