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It’s quite amazing that there is this much footage of this type of CFNM scenario, as it’s pretty rare when a situation where a nude male interviewed by a clothed female can occur. I’ve made previous posts of this type of CFNM before this post & here, but they weren’t exactly like this one. You see, most of this amazing CFNM footage was produced by just one motivated guy & was submitted to the folks over at UFLASH – who graciously shared them with me. The story behind these goes like this: the guy basically advertised on Craigslist, looking for housekeepers. The girls know they’re being videotaped and they also know that he will be naked during their interview. Everything else that happens beyond this point is what you see in the video, open minded women that end up watching him jerk off to completion! Although UFLASH has these four videos of this type, the only real site that’s completely devoted to such CFNM interview scenarios is Kay’s Planet. So I provided a couple of sample videos from that site for your perusal as well. I hope you enjoy all of these, and definitely please leave your reactions to the videos and the comment section!

Brunette house cleaner CFNM jerk flashing interview

Brunette house cleaner CFNM jerk flashing interview

Cute MILF Latina house cleaner CFNM jerk flashing interview

Cute MILF Latina house cleaner CFNM jerk flashing interview

Hot blonde house cleaner strips CFNM jerk flashing interview

Hot blonde house cleaner strips CFNM jerk flashing interview

Shameless Ebony house cleaner strip CFNM jerk flashing interview

Shameless Ebony house cleaner strip CFNM jerk flashing interview

Streaming video of amateur CFNM interview movies via Pornhost: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
An CFNM interview with Heather An CFNM interview with Kaylee CFNM interviews via KP:
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Streaming clip 2

CFNM interviews via EP:
Streaming clip 1
Streaming clip 2

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23 Responses to “Six CFNM Videos Of Amateur Women Interviewed While Exposed To Nude Aroused Men”  

  1. 1 Murtney

    I like the stuff that Kay of “Kay’s Planet” produces. Thanks for posting some of her clips here. I just joined “CFNM Watchers” and Kay has some very nice videos on that site as well. There is not a lot of content and the updates could become more frequent, but it has some really great CFNM. Thank you!

  2. 2 Joe

    These vids are great and I love how it shows him finishing and the girls reactions

  3. 3 Rawb

    The clip with the maid who sort of looks like Sarah Palin is incredibly hot! I wish it would have gone to the next level–she was Up For It!

  4. 4 Hubic Pair

    It’s funny how blasé these women are. Just goes to show that men get off a lot more on being naked than women do watching them. This guy is titiilated and ecstatic beyond belief (hence the erectile issues) he found women willing to casually indulge in his fetish, and they really don’t give a crap that he’s getting all jiggy with homself and just want the job. While I know that they’re all willing and totally cool with what’s going down, it does sorta suck that there’s no real employment opportunity here and is more just him kicking down some bucks to phony interview them. Although it’s nice to know there is domestic help out there that could care less if you’re a total wanker.

  5. 5 chranderson2002

    Agree with previous comment. Men get a ton more satisfaction doing this than women do watching. I have asked dozens of women…friends, lovers, strangers recently met, etc. about how they feel about seeing a guy’s dick or watching them whack off. All of them have said it is not the sight that could stimulate them…in fact, if it is of a stranger or someone they don’t know or have not “connected” with, they have little if any interest.

    They all basically said that it is the person the dick is attached to that would gain their interest. Just watching a guy jerk or seeing a swinging dick does basically nothing for them sexually. In fact, they either view it as comical or dangerous, depending on the circumstances. But if it is an activity their bf or husband likes to engage in they can be turned on because they have a connection to that person and they know it pleases them.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I am here because I love this CFNM stuff. I fantasize about it, and at times have tried various things like accidental exposure, etc. But the notion that it turns women on is just that…a notion at best. I view it as a special need and want I have, that obviously many others share as well, but I have to remember it is all about the pleasure I get from it as opposed to thinking I am turning a woman on.

    The porn clips and website are great and they feed our addiction…but it is all make believe. That being said, there are a few needles in the haystack out there to prove my theory wrong..I’ve only run into 1 or 2, but overall I think the previous responder is correct.

  6. 6 girlies

    I didn’t expect this to do much for me at all really but it wasn’t bad. Not sure if it just caught me at the right moment but I had a good quick toss to it lol
    Not one of my favourite scenarios but not bad.
    Thanks Super

  7. 7 Glenn Willis

    Glenn Willis Jerks Off for a Group of Women

    “My neighbor and her girl friends watched me jerk off. They sat in front of me and watched me jerk off and cum. They liked it. I could hear them talking about me and laughing as they watched me beating off, so I jerked off in front of them three times. Each time I came real hard. They watched me cum and it felt great. They were all gorgeous brunettes. I loved it 🙂 ”

  8. 8 alan

    Love, love, love the scenes with the house-cleaning candidates. I’ve always fantasized about being able to masturbate in every day situations where the girls just take it as a matter of course. (Don’t know why. Just a quirk.)

    I also like DickFlash for the same reason, where the guy masturbates while having casual conversations with girls.

    Mr., you would have my undying gratitude if you could post more scenarios like these.

  9. 9 admin

    @Alan: I’m really glad that I was able to provide something that you’ve wanted to see for so long. I know that I was very blown away by the discovery of these videos, especially given that they were made by somebody who obviously is a CFNM aficionado. I couldn’t believe that the guy was as motivated as he was to actually interview women through a Craigslist ad!

    I think that this sort of stuff really paves the way for others to realize that they can produce the stuff if they want to. It’s like a do it yourself project, if you don’t like what you see online and don’t want to pay for it, simply create the situation for yourself at home. Given what this guy has done it seems pretty simple. The same thing goes for sites like My Dick Flash and Kay’s Planet. Both of those sites are very much amateur and done by just regular people who hire a regular amateurs to do what they want them to do on camera. It’s not overly pornographic, so it’s much easier to get people that are comfortable with the situation to stick around and actually have fun with it.

    The problem is is that there aren’t enough people that are gutsy enough to do this sort of thing, so unfortunately we probably are going to have a lot of it available. Which means that I’m not going to be able to provide much of it, as it simply won’t exist. But I’ll do my best to keep an eye out for similar stuff when I can and when I do, I will most likely showcase it quite prominently here.

    Thanks for commenting and definitely comment more in the future!

  10. 10 The Captain

    I must confess that I am the guy in the Videos. I posted them only on Uflash, but now they are all over the place, so I will probably post them on other sites. Why not?

    I have been jerking off in front of women for years. I used to do it on secluded beaches in California and Mexico. I had to stop jerking off and being nude in public, as with the proliferation of cell phone cameras, it is just too risky.

    I only wish I had made more of these. I didn’t have the skills to edit out my face, and I didn’t think others would find the enjoyment that I have jerking off in front of clothed women. I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s really exciting. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the reaction of viewers, and hope that I can inspire others to do the same.

    A lot of guys make vids of being naked in front of house cleaners, but are afraid to jerk off and cum. Don’t be!!! They already know we are perverts, and they will either be tolerant, or just quit.

    It is a lot of work setting up the interviews. Most opt out when you tell them the resident of the home will be nude. Others make appointments and don’t show up.

    It has not all been complete success. They must all sign an acknowledgement and release, and after reading it, some just decline and I have them leave, before I remove my robe. Other times, women want to bring their husbands or boyfriends in for the interview, to feel safe, which I refuse, and thus there is no interview.

    I did have one episode in which a girl told her boyfriend, and he called me. Turned out he was bi and looking to add someone for a threesome. That’s not my thing.

    Most of the comments are correct. The girls really don’t care, and it is exciting jerking off in front of them. Please note, that I do have a friend with a cleaning agency, and in two of the four cases, the girls did get a second interview, and one did get hired.

    I think that both women that removed their tops were interested in more, but “at a price”, and I get my thrill jerking off, not fucking them. For the record, I live with a very pretty Asian girl, and she has no clue this goes on when she’s not around.

    In the past, I have hired women to clean the house, and they see me naked during the interview. However, I did not tell them I would be jerking off. It was exciting to see the look on their faces when I would talk to them while they worked, and saw my penis fully erect. Eventually I would progress to the point where I would jerk off and cum in front of them.

    In a couple of cases, they quit after I did my thing. Others have stayed the course, and leave when they find full time employment. Now, when I hire house cleaners, I tell them up front that I will jerk off while they are working. Most don’t care.

    I am currently remodeling the home. After it’s completed around September, I plan on trying to make some more of these videos. I hope others will do maid flash and other non scripted CFNM videos. The concept of Dick Flash and Dancing Bear is hot, but they are obviously scripted, they use wanna be porn actresses, and after a while, get “old”.

    Uflash has some great vids of guys jerking off in cars and in front of hotel maids. Hope to see more original videos.

  11. 11 kinkydogging

    Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in IE, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

  12. 12 Shaun

    I’d love to be interviewed by women who’re fully clothed, whilst I’m totally naked, and, play with my fullyerect cock, as they watch me cum, &, hope they’ll laugh at my bright ginger pubic hair!
    Q. Where can I send photos of my little cock, for women to giggle at?

  13. 13 watcher

    love this!..where can I see more

  14. 14 mike

    superb job

  15. 15 admin

    @mike: Thanks for the kudos, man. And I believe there’s quite a few more women out there into CFNM situations, but they perhaps are put off by the potential ‘regular sex’ that it might become. Either that, or the whole CFNM scenario isn’t something they’ve even considered. A lot of girls I’ve explained it to just thought it was odd. But they also enjoyed the idea. Taking it to that next level of actually doing it? The consensus is usually that they’d only do it with someone they are complete strangers to or somebody close that they can trust.

  16. 16 mike

    i have been into cfnm all my life, do you guys find it difficult to get women to participate? i think they are afraid of being molested or being asked to become active participants.
    ladies, guys who are into cfnm are only interested in exposing their own naked bodies and being watched whilst masturbating.
    so if you get the opportunity to be the CF in a CFNM show go for it and if you are still nervous take a friend or two with you we guys will enjoy it all the more

  17. 17 Gamini Lanka

    jesus! this is awsome.who is the woman in ”Cute MILF Latina” video?
    damn she’s so hot and innocent.please tell who is she,where i can find more video of her? or just give her name please!!!!!!

  18. 18 ron

    I wish i could do this. I love jerking off while the gal is clothed and her watching me as i cum and the expression on their faces. Hot hot stuff.

  19. 19 Danny

    Do anybody have links to these vids? I can only find the milf videos at the moment. Uflash won’t play the others for some reason.

  20. 20 admin

    @Danny: please remember that there are ALWAYS second, and even third alternate links available for videos I post. I’ve edited the post so as to remove the dead links, though. All videos in this can be viewed via the thumbnail AND the “Clip 1” “Clip2” text links below them.

  21. 21 Danny

    Hey admin, Thank you very much for getting back to me and sharing said vids. Also I appreciate you introducing me to Kay’s Planer.

    Clicking on the thumbnails took me pornhost which still didn’t allow me to view the videos. I received the following message – Error loading player:
    No playable sources found.

    I was able to download the videos however so thank you once again pal.

  22. 22 RandomStriker

    Thanks, this series is I feel the best in this genre, but I’ve only even been able to find the first interview online, but none of the other three. Wonder why, they all seem worthy of uploading!

  23. 23 Ron

    I love these videos and wish they would make some more. I have done some cfnm masturbating and it is erotic for me. And many of the comments above are not true. I have met many women who love to watch men jerk off as they are clothed. My dream is to masturbate in front of like 10 women. Watch their faces and hopefully they each stick their hands in their panties and rub themselves as they watch me jerk my cock.

    Leave a Reply