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001-  nurses measure man's penis Of all CFNM situations, the one I personally know best is CFNM within the medical environment. Hospitals, quick care clinics, and doctor’s offices are indeed prime environments for CFNM to occur. Having a chronic medical condition definitely opens one’s eyes to that fact! But I’ve put together a mixture of some real life and fantasy medical CFNM for you to see below, starting with four real videos made by both amateur guys with hidden cameras, one from a television broadcast, and another that is purely for instructional purposes. I should warn you that the second video (which shows the treatment of priapism on a black man) is somewhat graphic as it involves needles. The fourth video also includes catheterization. So, you’ve been warned. But honestly, both of these procedures are not that painful whatsoever and I can assure you that the minimal discomfort is definitely worth having the experience. Especially when the nurses and the aides are this cute! I’ve followed these videos with an example of just one of the many medical scenario CFNM series that Adventures In CFNM creates on a regular basis. Adventures In CFNM has a considerable fixation on females stripping and examining men, So there’s plenty to check out with a membership. Anyhow, enjoy!
Mexican exhibitionist guy flashes nurse during exam1 Multiple cute nurses observe priapism treatment1
Nurse photographs & measures dick of male patient3 Two cute nurses handle & catheterize patients penis5

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002 - female doctor watches male patient strip nude 003 - penis exam by female doctor
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4 Responses to “Real Amateur Video Footage and Fantasy Pictures Of CFNM In The Medical Environment”  

  1. 1 jim

    video #4 : I apologize for the erection.

    LOL, yeah right

    btw, admin its impossible to get the captcha right

  2. 2 admin

    @JIM: the captcha isn’t as difficult as people sometimes make it… cuz you actually don’t have to capitalize any letters. And Actually, it’s pretty tough to get a satisfying erection when you’ve got somebody poking a catheter into it. Although really, it makes it a lot easier for the nurses to do it. Trust me I’ve got lots of experience with that, as I have to get my catheter changed every month. And that’s been going on for 19 years! Some are better than others at it, and obviously some are better looking than others while doing it. 🙂

  3. 3 Dan

    Thanks for posting real stuff. Your real and amateur posts are always appreciated. I like the first one, is it the first one with the Mexican nurse authentic or actually an amateur medical situation? How do you know when these are real or not usually–what clues do you yourself use Super?

  4. 4 admin

    @Dan: First off, thank you for your input and the kudos. That’s always much appreciated.

    Now with that clip that you talking about, with the Mexican nurse, it’s pretty obvious to me that it’s not setup. I know this because there’s been a bunch of videos made by the same guy where he is flashing women on the bus. So given the fact that he’s an accomplished exhibitionist, you know that he’s probably going to try pulling something like showing off his dick to the nurse when he goes to a doctor’s appointment. Secondly, I think that the woman is aware that he’s got his erection sticking out of his pants, but not at first. Once she notices it, she turns her body towards the blood pressure reading, and her facial expression changes from being friendly to very businesslike. I don’t think that she appreciated it very much, or did initially, and then thought better of it the longer he was exposed. Plus he shuts off his camera right away after that, most likely so that he doesn’t get busted and he’s able to put his cock away.

    So, as you can see, when it comes to clips like this I always try to just use logic and whatever information I have about the video outside of what’s in the video. Also after seeing about a billion staged clips, it’s pretty easy to spot the amateur ones. Feel a reason that there isn’t more amateur video of this kind of thing out there is because it’s hard to do. I mean, there’s tons of videos on YouTube of guys getting naked in front of girls, but about half of them can be used because the woman isn’t in the frame or it’s too dark or its of such crappy quality that it’s basically unwatchable. So really good clips like this one become even more sought after!

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