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Ever since I did my last two-part posting spree of male stripper scenario CFNM here & here, I’ve been thinking about doing a throwback post like this one today. The best stripper CFNM is the more rare and old stuff – as there was more mystery and newness around it all. Starting first with two videos circa 2004 from Party Hardcore, which has obviously amateur girls participating as well as just watching. Then there’s two videos from a New York black male strip show taped back in the mid to late 90s’ with awesome energy & reactions from the females – much like what Strippers In The Hood produces today. Then lastly are two extra special male stripper CFNM videos, the fifth being a submission from a couple years ago from an CFNM fanatic and ex male stripper. He passed along video footage he recorded from a night at the Californian strip club he worked at. Yup. Completely unstaged and real girls drunk and giving short blowjobs to male strippers while being cheered on by friends! Then lastly comes classic gonzo CFNM from porn producer John Stagliano or AKA “Buttman”. It’s the first scene of the movie “Buttman’s Inferno” featuring a Chippendale’s-esque nightclub stripshow in New Zealand where the women go nuts, crawling all over the stripper – multiple blowjobs, titty fucking, and even full on sex ensues right on stage!
PH 2004-11-15 - Amateur women get dirty with strippers in bar part 12 PH 2004-11-15 - Amateur women get dirty with strippers in bar part 15 Stripper CFNM on EP:
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Streaming clip 2
Stripper CFNM on ML:
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Stripper CFNM on VB:
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Amateur girls suck off black male strippers - part 1

Amateur girls suck off black male strippers – pt.1

Amateur girls suck off black male strippers - part 2

Amateur girls suck off black male strippers – pt.2

Girls suck guys cocks at real California strip club

Girls suck guys cocks at California strip club

New Zealand amateur girls suck & fuck in stripclub

Amateur MILFs suck & fuck in NZ stripclub

Streaming video of CFNM with strippers movies on Eroprofile: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Download all 4 videos of CFNM with strippers via Depositfiles: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4

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8 Responses to “Six Long Videos Of Classic Old School Male Stripper CFNM Scenes”  

  1. 1 Steele

    Erm… there was no sucking in the black male strippers video…

  2. 2 admin

    @Steele: in video part one, the stripper’s got his cock directly in the faces of two separate women. In part two, he gets his cock right up on the girls’ mouth at least in one instance. I don’t know, perhaps it’s overstated, but is it really THAT less sexy?

  3. 3 Chandler Bing

    Man, I remember that clip from “Buttman’s Inferno” what a classic! I ruined my VHS copy of that movie from watching and re-watching that part again and again.

    Actually, that could have been the clip that first got me into CFNM

  4. 4 admin

    @Chandler:Honestly man, I think that clip got a lot of people initially interested in CFNM. I know that’s what got Bernie into it. For me, it was vintage porn movies, where male nudity was much more prolific and the females were usually clothed, even when having sex. But it was the Loverboys stuff that really got me into CFNM, as I saw that first before that particular Butt man movie. I’d actually seen a couple of his other videos before that one. They both had CFNM savvy though, where he had the male porn actors whipping their junk out in front of women before any sex happened. I’ve always been pretty aroused by that approach.

  5. 5 Steele

    @admin I’m sorry it’s just I have seen too many cocks touching mouths that it just gets boring after a while. I want to see a woman actually put some effort into sucking it. Raised Skirts & Raised Shirts is yet to be beat. Oh by the way do you by any chance have the Raised Skirts & Raised Shirts 5? The one where the women is playing with her pussy in front of the stripper and puts her finger in her mouth.

  6. 6 admin

    @Steele:I understand that it gets boring to be teased over and over in videos like these, but the fact remains that there’s a tremendous lack of footage where the actual blow jobs happen to get caught on tape. That’s just the reality of the situation. Although we want to see it, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to. But that also doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t get caught on video very often. Usually, when it does, it’s dark or the blow job doesn’t last very long. I’ve posted plenty of clips like that, but people don’t really pay attention to them because they don’t appear to be as good as the stuff that’s set up, or you can get a really clean screen capture of.

    As far as the video that you’re talking about, I think I’ve lost all of the early videos from them in a hard drive crash. I have the video tapes laying around somewhere, and plan to burn them on to DVD. But it’s a big project and I haven’t really found time to do it. But, when I do get around to doing it, I’ll probably put up some clips here and there.

  7. 7 Girlies

    Hi Super, I can’t access any of those vids. do you still have them stored?

  8. 8 admin

    @Girlies: Hey man… these EroProfile links still work. You should ALWAYS check the text links in EVERY post if clicking the thumbnail takes you to a dea page. That’s why I always upload to multiple filehosts – so that when sites like VidEarn decide to be dicks and pull my links or up and die, you guys can still get to what I’ve posted.

    I fixed the thumbnails in this post, though, as it was easy and the shit in it is GREAT.

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