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There’s always been questions around whether or not Party Hardcore involved amateurs or not. Well, they do, and one of them was the Czech President’s 19 year old daughter Katerina Zemanova. The whole shocking revelation broke out on Monday, October 7th in the Czech Republic media here, here, & here. It’s enough of a salacious story that it was cited on UK Daily Mail website as well as on the UK Daily Mirror. Although she claims that the video stills of her are “…a hoax or some sort of fake.”, it’s pretty damn obvious it’s her as they even have the same freckles. Check out those articles yourself and the ‘proof’ pics here, and you’ll understand how this went viral on the Czech internet. She appears in the 150-minute video numerous times with three friends drinking, dancing, and watching the male strippers get sucked off, fingering & fucking other girls – mere feet away. It’s pretty scandalous shit, which you can get a sense of from this viral 1 minute preview video. But I’ve gone about 10 miles further: I’ve edited out ALL of her appearances on camera, as well as the bits of action that took place right within her view and have it available exclusively below! It’s hot knowing this beautiful teen daughter of the Czech President attended this Party Hardcore event & visually had a great time doing so. Also, I’ve put together eight clips of more male stripper CFNM which aren’t quite as high-profile as Kate, but still great examples of girls getting naughty on their nights out. Enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR PREVIEW PIC GALLERY
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12 Responses to “Scandalous Male Stripper CFNM Featuring Czech President’s Daughter Kate Zemanova & Other Amateur Girls”  

  1. 1 Perry

    Great stuff as always mate

    is there any footage of her actually playing?

  2. 2 admin

    @Perry: actually, no, nothing where she’s directly playing with any of the guys appears on camera. And by how she behaves whenever she is on camera would suggest that she didn’t. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t A) watch the blatant sexual activity that happened right in front of her, or B) get offers by the guys sauntering through the crowd of amateur girls trying to get them to participate. It’s these reasons that make Party Hardcore sexy as hell for me. The additional inebriated amateur girl element helps things, too!

  3. 3 french

    where can i find other old black trippers cfnm videos ?

  4. 4 admin

    @french: well I’ve posted quite a few here on the blog over the years, which you can find by using All Things CFNM’s search box. Just doing a search like “black male stripper” in that box will give you a ton. But these two sites are 100% black male stripper content that goes back to older footage:
    Strippers In The Hood XXX – girls getting one-on-one private interaction with black male strippers.
    Strippers In The Hood – public strip shows and strip club footage.

  5. 5 Mr. Furley

    Wow. We salute you. For going above and beyond the call of duty.

  6. 6 admin

    @Mr. Furley: HAHAHA. Why thank YOU sir, for your expressions of appreciation.

  7. 7 Chandler Bing

    Awsome stuff, I had no idea about these articles, which were a great (and interesting) read.

  8. 8 admin

    @Chandler: yeah, it’s pretty amazing that this happened. But when you think about it, it follows that SOMEBODY semi-well known would attend a shoot like this in the Czech Republic eventually. Shit, the rapper Coolio was an MC for one of their shoots a few years ago!

  9. 9 Aril

    Hi admin,
    It is a great job. But, please upload all the videos in videarn too. That is the only source which works on iphone..

  10. 10 admin

    @Aril: sorry man, Videarn doesn’t allow uploading of ANYTHING from a commercial paysite. So whenever I try, they take it down immediately. Are you certain that there isn’t another filehost I can use that DOES work on iphones??

  11. 11 Dee

    Do you know the name of the Party Hardcore episode she is in?

  12. 12 charles

    yes thank to your reponse i ve seen your first link because i follow your link since time 😉 its great but no news in this subject . i hope the news 😉
    and the others link isn t free and i think your are best than they 🙂
    great job and continue

    i don t speak English very good

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