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Happy New Year to all of you CFNM fans out there! I want to definitely thank all of you that have not only follow my blog but have supported all of the efforts I put up there over the years, including this past one. It’s been a very good year for me as I’ve experienced great health and have grown closer to those important to me, even those that I’ve just met. I hope that you all have experienced nothing but positive things this past year and a wish you nothing but more in the coming year, too! Now, in this post I’ve put together various clips of CFNM and female-driven sex scenes from mainstream movies, much like I did here, & here. As there’s 12 of these, it’d get long-winded to describe each one, so I’ll keep it brief and say that every one of these is worth seeing at least once! These CFNM & sex scenes come from “Rogue”, “Avanti”, “Blue Juice”, “Book Of Revelations”, “Buna! Ce faci”, “Carne De Neon”, “De Uanstandige”, “El periscopo”, “Julia”, “Plush”, “The Ranch”, & “Tuerkisch fuer Anfaenger”. I’m going to start shelling out more posts like these, as there seems to be a good amount of demand. But if you’re wanting access to a HUGE archive of mainstream movie CFNM & sex, I’d suggest checking out the Cinemale website or the infamous Mr. Skin site. There’s going to be tons available either way, depending on your orientation. Enjoy, and let’s have ourselves another good year!!

An Unkown film - explicit CFNM sex scene4 Avanti - Juliet Mills & Jack Lemmon nude swimming scene6 Blue Juice - Catherine Zeta Jones CFNM5 Book of Revelations - CFNM mutual masturbation & sex scenes9
Buna Ce faci - CFNM & sex scenes18 Carne De Neon - Neon Flesh CFNM sex scene1 De Uanstandige - 1983 - CFNM voyeurism & nude beach stripped scenes7 El periscopio 1979 - CFNM & sexy bits7
Julia - CFNM voyeurism & sex17 Plush - CFNM sex scene5 The Ranch 2004 - CFNM scenes3 Tuerkisch fuer Anfaenger 2012 - CFNM scenes10

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