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cfnmtv-trailer-autumnterm-704 As I announced back in early November here, the British fantasy CFNM scenario website Adventures In CFNM had finally started releasing new and older stories in video format on CFNM TV. Well, I’m happy to report that CFNM TV is updating still, most recently with a long series titled “Autumn Term”. Basically “Autumn Term” is a set of CFNM stories which all occur at a typical British academy-styled school. Except at this school, the boys are subjected to being made into naked entertainment for the schoolgirls & female faculty. These videos are wickedly well acted by everyone involved, with very high production value to boot. This stuff has a bit of harsher CFNM themes at times, but overall has fantasy scenes that aren’t available anywhere else! You’ll find below two trailers from CFNM TV‘s “Autumn Term” as well as from another CFNM video story called “Private Eyes”. These two vids are followed by a picture set from CFNM TV‘s “Autumn Term”, from which the entire photoset that shows much more – but is only available on the Adventures In CFNM website. So, check these pics and vids and be sure to comment!

cfnmtv-trailer-autumnterm-complete7 cfnmtv-trailer-private-eyes-5
CFNM streaming video links: CFNM TV Sample Movie Trailer One | CFNM TV Sample Movie Trailer Two

CFNM dancing 001 CFNM dancing 002
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