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It has been awhile since I attempted a post of random acts of real & amateur CFNM like in this post, so I’ve put together today’s megapost. Indeed, it’s rare to get really great examples of traditional clothed female / naked male situations where there’s not an overtly sexual connotation to it, yet where you get to view reactions from the women that are notable. It’s even more so true about the CFNM scenario if the females and males interact. But in these twelve movies, you’ll witness both. First up are two videos of CFNM that occurred during bachelor party hazing, followed by two which feature an interview CFNM situation. Then there’s two movies featuring nude male exhibitionists out in public, followed by two which feature more nude in public activities that happened during 2013’s World Naked Bike Ride. Then I’ve conjured up four videos of CFNM interactions from public performance art exhibitions. These are actually quite interesting – especially the ones which involve ropes, as the concept is very intriguing. Anyhow, give them a look and leave your opinion in the comments!

Bachelor party Norwegian public CFNM mankini dare British bachelor party nude bar dancing & spanking CFNM report - Cute black girl talks with naked guy in the snow CFNM report - Man stripped & covered in fish for group of women
Public CFNM girls watch guy walk naked on Market Street Public CFNM naked guy tries picking up girls WNBR public nudity CFNM - girl with naked riders WNBR public nudity CFNM - riders dancing naked
Performance art CFNM - Man exposes cock to audience Performance art CFNM - naked body printing Performance art CFNM - red headed woman ties up & suspends nude man Performance art CFNM - Russian naked woman & man bound & suspended

Streaming video of various themed CFNM movies via VE: # 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6 | # 7 | # 8 | # 9 | # 10 | # 11 | # 12
Streaming video of various themed CFNM movies via EP: # 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6 | # 7 | # 8 | # 9 | # 10 | # 11 | # 12
Download all 16 varied theme CFNM movies in four sets from DF: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5 | Set 6

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7 Responses to “CFNM Situations Caught On Video Via Bachelor Parties, Interviews, Male Exhibitionists, WNBR, & Art Performances”  

  1. 1 lurk1

    That performance art video at museum was great! Just sad that it was edited too much.

  2. 2 Majick

    Could you provide more info on video #9? I’d love to see the whole thing or similar expirements

  3. 3 mrcfnm

    wow, do you know the name of the museum in the video #10 where he actually was able to ejaculate from behind the wall? That was incredible. I first thought it may be staged but that looked real as it gets! I really want tknow where that is from and who the artist is!


  4. 4 kevin

    I’m also intrigued by the museum clip. It’s certainly one of the most unique CFNM situations I’ve ever seen. Are we to assume that the face shown on the video screen is a live feed of the guy behind the wall? And is there supposed to be audio to this clip? It’s silent when I played it. Any information would be appreciated.

  5. 5 LovesCFNM

    Whoa! Video#9 was a warm welcome. Anyone have an idea where this was filmed? Would love to see a longer version of it. If somebody knows of an unedited version, please let the forum know. Much Appreciated!!

  6. 6 rory

    art performer’s name is Lan Hungh from Taiwan –>

  7. 7 admin

    @rory: that’s the dude. You beat me to informing everyone, and the version of the video on Vimeo has some homoerotic (gay) interaction. That’s basically why I didn’t link it directly, as I edited that portion out for the blog.

    @Loves CFNM: It was filmed at an art exhibition in Berlin, from earlier on last year. And as far as an ‘unedited’ version is concerned, I looked around with all the info I could find and came up with nuthin extra beyond Vimeo.

    @kevin: You’re absolutely correct, his face is being shown live outside the box he’s got his cock and balls exposed outside. And no, there’s no audio unfortunately!!

    @mrcfnm: refer to the Vimeo link that rory beat me to providing. There’s unfortunately nothing else like the video I happened upon, edited for it’s CFNM appeal, and presented here.

    @Majick and @lurk1: I agree with the two of you on the editing. You would think that someone doing video captured performance art would have provided a better presentation of their best exhibition!!

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