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As I’ve already mentioned previously here on the blog here & here, CFNM TV (the video side of Adventures In CFNM) is updating with CFNM scenarios many of you haven’t seen before. I really enjoy the level of production in CFNM TV‘s video scenarios and especially find the British women in all their stuff to be quite sexy. The range of female attitudes in scenes like “CFNM Hotel” and “Day Of The Fight” is quite wide, where girls are giggly at the sight of naked guys in the scene, authoritative enough to strip guys nude, to some that are downright wickedly dominant – humiliating naked men in a variety of ways, all for their pleasure. There’s really something for everyone into CFNM fantasy scenarios. Case in point, are the two scenes “CFNM Hotel” which has some CFNM interaction in a lockeroom with two ladies. Then there’s “Day Of The Fight”, , Which includes a not so ethical medical exam that happens in front of a couple of women as well as an embarrassing interview with a female reporter, all while the guy is completely naked! I’ve even included photos from “Day Of The Fight”, as they show a bit more than the video clip. Hope you enjoy this stuff from CFNM TV.

stripped nude in lockerroom CFNM Nurse fondles cock in exam CFNM
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Naked boxing weigh in CFNM female reporter interviews naked man CFNM
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  1. 1 Hard8

    It needs to be made REALLY clear that the videos are through cfnmtv, not adventures.

  2. 2 cfnm

    ich bin ein lieber, süßer Junge mit einer etwas versauten Phantasie die ich gern mal ausleben würde:
    Ich zeige mich sehr gerne vor angezogenen Zuschauerinnen und lasse mir gern zuschauen beim wich*** 😉
    Wenn du neugierig geworden bist und Lust hast auf so ein kleines Abenteuer hast, dann trau dich und melde dich doch mal. Ich beiße nicht. Gern auch mit weiteren Freundinnen…

  3. 3 admin

    Here’s a translation of what @cfnm said in their comment above –

    I am a dear, sweet boy with a slightly kinky fantasy that I would like to live out times:
    I am very happy to see before attracted spectators like to watch the most and let me 😉 ***
    If you are curious and like to have so have a little adventure, then you trust and log it out. I will not bite. Gern other girlfriends …

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