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Well folks, there’s been such a demand for more of this style of CFNM scenes since this post, I’ve decided to drop another bevvy for you all. As there’s so many, I’ll just get right into introducing the clips, in order of appearance. These run the gambit as far as the CFNM action involved, but there’s candid CFNM situations, guys caught naked by women, naked men being ogled by girls, girls engaging in oral and full on sex, & even a freaking cooking instructional with naked guys helping the female chef. First up is an outdoor CFNM photoshoot scene from “A History Of Sex”, followed by three odd sex & CFNM scenes from the controversial “Antichrist”. Then an Indian woman teases a group of naked men in “Siete Dias Siete Noches”, another photoshoot-related CFNM scene from an unknown French film, a hilariously raunchy CFNM cooking scene compilation from “Cooking With Beefcake Too”, along with two more compilations of CFNM & sex scenes from “Le Sorelline” and “Happy Few”. Then there’s a fantastic clip featuring Angelina Jolie & Daniel Craig from “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, followed by yet another compilation of CFNM & sex scenes from “Little Thirteen”. Lastly then are my favorites of the group: three CFNM and sex scenes from “She Hate Me”, which all work around a man who is working as a stud for (and treated like a piece of sexual meat by) a big group of lesbians looking to get impregnated. Pretty great stuff, to say the least. Enjoy, and remember, if you’re looking for a great resource of seeing way more scenes like these, be sure to check out Mr. Skin and Cinemale – depending on your tastes.

A History of Sex - 2003 - CFNM photoshoot scene Antichrist - 2009 - CFNM & sex scenes CFNM scene from Siete Dias Siete Noches CFNM from unknown French film
CFNM scenes from Cooking With Beefcake Emanuelle & Francoise - Le sorelline - 1975 - CFNM & mixed nudity scenes Happy Few - CFNM sex scenes with Elodie Bouchez & Marina Fois Lara Croft - Daniel Craig and Angelina Jolie CFNM scene
Little Thirteen - 2012 - CFNM & sex scenes She Hate Me - 2004 - CFNM scene 1 She Hate Me - 2004 - dick inspection CFNM scene She Hate Me - 2004 - CFNM scenes 3

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2 Responses to “Twelve Scenes Of CFNM and Explicit Sex From Mainstream Films”  

  1. 1 Chris

    Those scenes from Antichrist movie are worthless. I read it in an interview with the actress, they use fake dicks, fake vaginas… It’s sooo lame.

  2. 2 admin

    @Chris: Actually the only fake penis scene, from what I’ve read, is the scene where she’s actually jerking Willem Dafoe off after knocking him out. All the other appearances are real. However, the sex in the shower slow-motion sequence was actually two porn stars named Horst Stramka and Mandy Starship. Their names are credited in the film, also.

    But I do agree that it’s somewhat ‘lame’ that body doubles were used and that Willem didn’t want to have his erect penis shown in the film. But seeing as the handjob scene ends with a blood ejaculation, I can see how technically it was easier to execute using a prosthetic cock.

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