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As it was pointed out in a previous blog post, Adventures In CFNM (which is AKA is devoted to a wide array of CFNM pictoral series. However, Adventures In CFNM also has a sister site which has some of these scenarios available on video called So there’s a bit of crossover of storylined scenarios on both sites – one being “Caught and Stripped”. The story involves three women who ‘catch’ two rugby players showering, then bring them to a pub where they strip both men naked and get them hard, so they can measure their cocks! So check out the picture set from “Caught and Stripped” below – then check out the entire picture series on Adventures In CFNM or watch the video on Of course there’s more to see in this post – namely three more picture sets of high quality images from two of 2014’s most widely accepted opportunities for public nudity and CFNM: the 2014 Bay To Breakers event in San Francisco followed by the 2014 World Naked Bike Ride. I have scoured through thousands of pics to get these, and the WNBR pics are only from the Southampton, Brighton, Manchester, Hastings, San Francisco, & Portland rides. Then I’ve put together some great pics from the sadly departed CFNM Zone site, which I still miss having around. Enjoy!

girls strip underwear off rugby player cock measured by three seductive women
Picture links: # 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6 | # 7 | # 8 | # 9 | # 10 | # 11 | # 12 | # 13 | # 14 | # 15

03 Naked and erect in public at Bay To Breakers Hot girl body paints naked man in public at WNBR Two girls lounging with two naked and erect men
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Galleries hosted on IB: Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
Download picsets in separated zipped files via DF: Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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  1. 1 Sparky

    Image 105 in Gallery 1: Horny hairy old guy with pirate wig and raging boner. He finally finds a hot chick willing to cup his junk and his viagra wears off. lol.

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