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It’s been a bit since I’ve posted up a collection of CFNM massage videos for you all, so that’s our theme for the day. As I pointed out in this post and in this post, massage therapy is one of the easiest to experience, as well as one of the most intense. A site that best relays this message is Hegre Art Massages, which has some of the highest-quality CFNM and NFNM content online. So, I’ve got two Hegre Art Massage videos up first, clip one featuring interracial lingam massage, & clip two featuring an oily Tantric style massage. Then clips 3-6 all feature footage captured at Asian massage parlors. Clip 3 is over a half hour long by itself, and features a hot Asian masseuse the jerks AND sucks off the client. Clip 4 features a busty mature Asian masseuse that doesn’t hesitate in giving a bit of vigorous hand relief. Clip 5 is more softcore as the Asian masseuse doesn’t jerk the client off, but he’s completely nude and semi-erect while she does her thing. Clip 6 features mor hidden camera footage of a legit masseuse who gets talked into jerking the client off on the table. Clips 7-10 all feature legimate non-Asian massage scenarios. Clip 7 features a masseur who gives a body-on-body massage to a fully nude Latina, where the exact opposite happens in clip 8. Clip 9 features tree different groin-area massage techniques, with a LOT of penis contact. Then in clip 10, more groin massage techniques are shown, but with an added bonus of a penis massage. Hope you all enjoy this collection of CFNM / NFNM videos.

HACFNM-Petite masseuse gives lingam worship to hung black male2 HACFNM-Spiritual release massage by hot naked masseuse on hung nude male3 Massages on ML:
Watch video clip 1
Watch video clip 2
Massages on SV:
Watch video clip 1
Watch video clip 2
Massages on VM:
Watch video clip 1
Watch video clip 2

A beautiful Asian masseuse provides rub down with bonus handjob4 A busty Asian masseuse massages & finishes client with a rigorous handjob4 Massages on ML:
Watch video clip 3
Watch video clip 4
Massages on SV:
Watch video clip 3
Watch video clip 4
Massages on VM:
Watch video clip 3
Watch video clip 4
Download both HERE

A Chinese masseuse works on male friend with a boner2 A massage by real Asian massuese ends with handjob4 Massages on ML:
Watch video clip 5
Watch video clip 6
Massages on VM:
Watch video clip 5
Watch video clip 6
Massages on SV:
Watch video clip 5
Watch video clip 6
Download both HERE

Erotic massage in Madrid - masseur works on a hot nude female3 Erotic massage in Madrid - scantily clad masseuse rubs down nude male client1 Massages on ML:
Watch video clip 7
Watch video clip 8
Massages on VM:
Watch video clip 7
Watch video clip 8
Massages on SV:
Watch video clip 7
Watch video clip 8
Download both HERE

Sensual massage for energizing stress relief on male pelvis by liscensed masseuse4 Sensually energizing massage with full penis contact by liscensed masseuse4 Massages on ML:
Watch video clip 9
Watch video clip 10
Massages on VM:
Watch video clip 9
Watch video clip 10
Massages on SV:
Watch video clip 9
Watch video clip 10
Download both HERE

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90 Responses to “Ten Mixed CFNM & NFNM Movies Of Real Massage Technique Scenarios”  

  1. 1 Matt

    Firstly great work again. Love this site and I am happy to hear your health has improved. May I ask the website you got clip 10 from?

  2. 2 Steve

    Have you found any more clips like 9-10?

  3. 3 sam

    R.i.p buddy

  4. 4 admin

    @sam – Hey – I probably should do a formal announcement that I’ve gotten laid up in a rehab center for a couple of non-life-threatening medical issues related to my spinal cord injury. Anyway, I’m hoping to get things set up so I can perhaps update from here, but I don’t know how likely that is. It’s killing me not being able to be up and updating the site (as well as the rest of my life), but I’m improving, and it’s just going to take some time.

    Not dead yet. Far from it.

  5. 5 Kenny

    Keep it up !

    Take your time πŸ™‚ We have plenty on this blog if we need vids, I’m sure most of the people here could go on with older posts πŸ™‚

  6. 6 Bernard Z. Grate

    might i say , that THIS IS IT! if ever there was a time for you to experience full on CFNM now is the moment!

    tell the nurses the following

    “As you can see, i am a very sick man.

    I never asked much from life, and i always tried to not complain, for god deals you cards and you play them

    but it’s now i feel time to let you know something i need done

    i am an administrator of a very big and important web site

    (explain cfnm)

    from there, LET IT ALL HANG OUT BUDDY!

    go for it!

    have the nurses help you assemble footage edit, whatever!

    eventually take out your penis waggle it at them let them have a good giggle and take pictures and post it for us

    let your CFNM dreams out, and have fun!

    your friend, and part time idol?

    Bernard Z. Grate

  7. 7 Paul Rowland

    You have done amazing work with this site so far, I still spend hours watching all the videos you have posted. I look forward to your next update.

    I hope you get better soon! X


  8. 8 John A

    Hello all. Question. Does anyone know of any videos where a female pulls down a boner intentionally making it “boing” back up? Or videos of anything of that nature. Any info would be great.

  9. 9 PRE

    Hey John the softcore porn “Love Scenes” series had a couple scenes as you describe.
    I specifically remember a female photographer fondled a nude model just as you describe
    and then that was the end of the scene! Talk about blue balls!

    There was also a scene of guy stripping for a blonde outside by a bonfire
    and she fondled him.
    Plus a scene of a cowgirl tying up a cowboy and fondling him.
    Super has half of that Cowgirl scene but not the full scene posted

    Here is the link to his Love Scenes clips they are vids 3 &4


  10. 10 Eatu

    Happy New Year. I hope all’s well. Looking forward to your next update.

  11. 11 Kenny

    Happy new year πŸ™‚

    Take the time you need to come back like never before !

  12. 12 William

    Hey Bernard. Any new movies of yours out? Free clips preferably?

  13. 13 Jonny MacBullshit

    Guy’s, I hate to say it- but this site seems to be dead. I don’t think it will be back.

  14. 14 admin

    @Jonny – Well man, all I can say is that you’re wrong. I’m still recovering yet, so there certainly won’t be any big changes here in the next week. But I’m very close to getting back home and back to my usual life routine – including the site being updated.

    I’ve got WAY too much unseen, underappreciated, and just plain hot CFNM material to NOT share.

  15. 15 Cfnm Addict

    Lokk what I had just found! Unfortunately I can’t find it free for downloading! Maybe someone could help here? http://www.javmoo.xyz/ja/movie/2dzl

  16. 16 Dr. Jones

    It was good while it lasted. No reason to check this site anyomore. Had a good run.

  17. 17 admin

    @Dr. Jones – well aren’t you Mr. Negative? Yes, it’s true that I’ve been unable to update for three months now, but I’m not stopping. No way am I stopping.

    Here’s the deal. I got too thin and ended up with three fairly major skin decubitis. This is an altogether too familiar problem people with SCI (spinal cord injury) like myself end up with as we obviously have impaired sensation/feeling below our injury levels. So when I couldn’t stay in the hospital beyond a couple weeks because of insurance denial, I ended up having to go to a skilled nursing facility. This was a must becauseI needed to be on 24-hour bedrest, have a monitored high protein diet, and be repositioned every 2 hours in order for these skin breakdowns to heal.

    Fast forward 3 months.

    Now, I’m stuck in this facility, unable to go back home because all the home care agencies in my area aren’t able to fulfill my care needs. It’s the most goddamn frustrating thing I’ve had to endure in my entire life as a quadriplegic. I’m stuck in a nursing home, stuck with shitty censored and slow wireless internet access, unable to do much of anything. I am, however, pretty close to contracting with two agencies to cover my needs. It took a week of talking to my insurance to get them to say they’d be willing to pay multiple providers, as this isn’t their typical protocol. Now it’s just trying to get two of these short-staffed agencies willing to work together to supply my nursing and nursing aide hours.

    Until this happens, though, I’m incredibly limited here. I’m sorry, but that’s the reality. But I have no plans of quitting. It just may be several weeks before I’m even back in my home.

  18. 18 Anon312

    Bernard you may be good at setting up cfnm stuff but I know for a fact, nurses are on watch for that shit and they hate it. It’ll never work!

  19. 19 Bernard Z. Grate

    on my site there is a cheap compliation 3 girls for the price of one William go to http://www.clips4sale.com/store/17484 and pick e’m out!

  20. 20 anon

    How are you doing, admin? Obviously your priority needs to be getting better, but any idea of a date you’re working toward for regular posts?

  21. 21 john

    Guessing this site is about done, ohwell had some good content while it lasted.

  22. 22 Luca

    Hello, Superfluous, I hope that your health will be better and will bring a nice 2016.
    All we are waiting for your return, but take all the necessary time.

  23. 23 Anon59

    Been checking here every day, starting to get worried you aren’t coming back! There’s no other cfnm site that compares to this one!

  24. 24 Anon58

    @Anon59 lol been no updates for 3 full months start looking elsewhere

  25. 25 Kenny


    You know they only say that to get a reply from you, a reaction.

    Just ignore them πŸ™‚

    Come back when you’re better.

    For all the posts you’ve made you’ll always stay #1

  26. 26 mrcfnm

    damn bro, life as a quadripalegic. are you even able to jerk off? get erections? shiet, that’s tough brother. sorry to hear. I think every whiner here should just appreciate ur efforts and if they got anything negaetive to say, well they can stick to fingers up their ass and go google their own free porn for themselves. good luck mate. get well soon.

  27. 27 anon

    Does anyone know any of the names to the female models at cfnmeu.com?

    In particular her http://qrrro.com/images/2014/11/txuuimbshu40x5mpgtps.jpg

    And her http://s5.depic.me/01567/fpyp94de88n9.jpg

  28. 28 fooo

    holy fucking shit I hope you get better man

  29. 29 Bernard Z. Grate

    Get well brother real soon!!!!!

    I am working for the Bernie Sanders for president movement, he will provide health care for ALL as a right!

    he has the right idea no?

    anyhow, forget all the assholes that say bad things, you have it tougher than everyone put together, go live breathe have fun if you can, we want to see you as well as you can be!

    Your friend


  30. 30 Rawb

    So sorry you are dealing with this, man.
    I know there have been health problems in the past but this–dealing with the loss of freedom and your own space etc…–sounds like another level.

    Thanks for all you do.
    We’re pulling for you (wait a minute…) and will be here ready when you are.

  31. 31 john

    The playgirl link. Does anybody know what movies those scenes are from?

  32. 32 Anon312

    Hey, does anyone know what’s going on? Did he pass away or something? πŸ™

  33. 33 This nigga dead


  34. 34 admin

    Hey everyone… You need all chill out a little bit.

    No I’m not dead. LOL. Quite the opposite, actually. My health has improved considerably from where it was about four or five months ago. So that’s the good news. The bad news is that I’ve only been home for a couple of weeks now, and I am trying to catch up with four months of life that I was missing for. I honestly am spending every waking minute trying to coordinate healthcare for myself from day to day. I am also fighting my insurance company to cover my care in the way that they should. It’s an exhaustive process and leads me little time for much else. So I apologize for not being forthcoming with information as quickly as you’d like it. But hey, that’s life. And life right now is very complicated for me.

    I’ve been updating my Tumblr blog here and there with pictures and videos. So there is that. And I already know exactly what I want to update this blog with. The problem is finding the time to do it. I know that this is probably difficult for some of you to understand, given that you haven’t had to rely upon another to do absolutely every bit of your personal care, but it’s not easy to find those comfortable doing that for you. And then it’s another thing to get it paid for. It’s these last two things that I’m working my ass off to get taken care of.

    So wish me luck and know that I am indeed still alive and will be returning to posting once I’m able.

    Thanks ETERNALLY to ALL of you that have been concerned, wished me well, and have visited the site!!

  35. 35 Jonny

    Let me know if you would like someone to help with the updates while you are away. I am eager to share a bunch of cfnm stuff that has yet you be posted here.

  36. 36 Bernard Z. Grate

    this makes it crystal clear that all of you reading this should be voting for Bernie Sanders!

    health care that covers you 100% without any questions on insurance!!!

  37. 37 Some Guy

    Shut up, Bernie. You probably said the same thing about Obama 8 years ago, and where did that get the owner of this site? Nowhere.

    So I advise no one to be taking voting advice from you.

  38. 38 whammyburger

    wellcome home, maΓ«stro !!

  39. 39 Mr Re

    Best of luck

  40. 40 CFNM Fan

    So glad to hear that you are on the mend. Looking forward to the site picking up again, but of course there are some things that are more important. All the very best to you.

  41. 41 Anon312

    Wow man. Catching up with life? There’s people waiting to jerk off here!!! Lol just kidding. Glad you are feeling better

  42. 42 Luca60

    Hello Superflous, glad to hear that your health has improved!
    Have a good life, as possible, and thank you for all your work past, present and future. We all are waiting for your return here, but take all the necessary time.
    All the best for you.

  43. 43 Pea

    Hey! Glad to hear you are FINALLY home, damn, so many months stuck in a nursing home must have really sucked… well, we are waiting and ready when you are!
    Thanks for all the pleasure you have given us.

  44. 44 PdxBrat

    Glad to hear you’re recovering. Until you’re up, here’s my Tumblr for everyone to enjoy. http://pdxbrat.tumblr.com/

  45. 45 Bob

    Trump has also said he would give free health care

  46. 46 BH

    any news.. whats going on here? is he ok?

  47. 47 John

    RIP Admin. It was a good run.

  48. 48 Frott

    Has the site closed? Just wondering as i’m sure a lot of others are. Love this place and the work you’ve put in definitely showed in the content…hope all is well and that you get back when you can..just wondering if there was a come back date or somthing you had in mind.

  49. 49 Jeff

    I believe he’s alive and well. But his efforts may have gone to other websites. Good luck finding him.

  50. 50 Billy Boy

    Wow. Think Admin did kick. Sad πŸ™ Thanks for all you did!

  51. 51 admin

    Hey everyone!

    I know that I did this once already a little while back, but I am here to say again that yes, I am alive and I do plan to return. It’s just a bit of a matter of when. About three weeks ago my desktop PC completely died on me. And although I have this laptop and I’m using right now to type this, my desktop PC has all of my video and picture content I’ve collected since 1999 or so. So yeah, updating this site was pretty much out of the question until I got a new PC. Keep in mind that I don’t even have the money for it really, as I owe thousands of dollars in medical bills yet. However, I ended up getting something put together with a bit of charity from friends family and acquaintances. But I am still waiting on a friend to help me get it all put together. Once that happens, I should begin to actually get something going here on the site within a week or so.

    I’m still dealing with all the health care obstacles I have been talking about for months, unfortunately. It’s gotten to the point where I am going to have to move in order to get better access to care. This will probably be happening within a month or so. My life is pretty chaotic right now to say the least. I would update you guys a lot more often, but it is simply just don’t have the fucking time many days. And so stressed out over all of it that some days I don’t even really want to log into the blog dashboard or check on my server. Today is the first time that I have gone to CFNM Village in what feels like a couple weeks. And today was the first time that I checked on comments here in at least a week and a half.

    But, I’m keeping my head up and trying to remain positive that something will change. I’m still fighting and advocating for myself strongly, and am using my experiences to help advocate for others in similar situations. So something positive will come from it. It’s just a matter of when.

    Thank you everyone for being so goddamn supportive! I said it a million times, but I really appreciate it.

  52. 52 Joe

    glad your all right.

  53. 53 admin

    @Joe – thanks, guy. You’re truly one of my biggest supporters and I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your input and activity here after all these years. You’re a saint in my book.

  54. 54 Anonymous

    Hey Admin, don’t know if you’re aware, but you can get a cheap $5-$20 external harddrive case (only the case, not the drive), and plop your broken computer’s hard drive into it to get access to all your old files from your laptop. It’s very simple to get the drive out of your computer, it’s just a power and SATA connector to unplug and maybe a few screws holding the drive in place.

    Just look up “3.5 inch usb hard drive enclosure”. Here’s one on sale right now that’s really good. Free shipping too.

  55. 55 admin

    @ANONYMOUS GREENGUY – Thanks for the pro-tip. I’ve already got myself set up tho through a very charitable and helpful manfriend. We are working on data recovery now from a couple drives that seem to have corrupted. If you have any advice on that sort of stuff, PLEASE hit me up via email or through PM at CFNM Village. Thanks, man!

  56. 56 Joe

    Thanks for the compliments! Feel better πŸ™‚

  57. 57 Dave Sonnics

    Glad you’re ok

  58. 58 Guy

    All the best, admin.

  59. 59 Bob

    Did you close your Tumblr Blog and Motherless account?

  60. 60 admin

    @Bob – Along with all the terrible events of my life these last eight months, both Motherless and Tumblr deleted my accounts. Motherless claimed that my account had been suspended because of copyright infringement. Instead of just taking down the small number of videos that the copyright holder didn’t want on their servers, they just decided to delete my entire account. This happened around December or so. About three weeks later, Tumblr did something similar. Except they said that I was spamming, which makes absolutely no sense. Certainly I was putting a link to my blog on it, and at the bottom of most of the pictures I posted. But that’s something that thousands of blogs on Tumblr do. Every day. So I don’t really know why I got singled out. Maybe somebody flagged me or something? I have no idea.

    I started another Tumblr account though. It’s not very content-rich, but it’s here if you want to check it out: http://cfnmzone.tumblr.com

  61. 61 Bob

    That sucks they did that. Thanks for the link, i will check it out.

  62. 62 cfnm enthusiast

    is there an alternative to this website?

  63. 63 Gosa

    RIP bro, all the best

  64. 64 admin

    @Gosa – LMAO at your “RIP” comment. Yes, I know it’s been months, but my life’s shitstorm is starting to clear a bit. I’m FINALLY able to do a little bit of blog ‘work’ here and there. But it’s hard to do so when I’m still at the behest of other people’s schedules every single day.

    tl;dr – I’m going to be posting soon, but want updates to be more frequent – it’ll take a bit yet.

  65. 65 scotty2hotty

    Awesome news. I hope you feel better mate!

  66. 66 dangus

    not to be impatient, but any updates? hope you’re doing well.

  67. 67 Jimmy

    Yo. If it’s access to a computer you need, I’ll buy you one.

  68. 68 John

    Lets be honest guys, time to put a fork in this site. It was a good run. RIP Mod.

  69. 69 Cfnm fan

    Almost a year with no updates or an estimated time of return?? Sad sad day for cfnm fans…we all know you’ve been going through a really rough time..i think we would just like an estimate on when you will be back..if in fact you do plan on returning to moderate and update. If not, that info would greatly be appreciated too!

  70. 70 admin

    @Cfnm fan: Ugh, I know I’ve been pretty shitty at keeping everyone updated on me, the blog, etc., etc. And I do apologize.

    I did just tell everyone at CFNM Village about my progress that I’ll copy/paste here.

    Hey guys!

    I do have to apologize for not being more vocal here in the actual forum on a more regular basis. I just don’t get a whole lot of time to do all of the shit that I am juggling these days.

    But as for my health, everything is actually going really well. I’ve made vast improvements since last November when I got hospitalized. The three major skin breakdowns that I had are all healed up now, but it took for fucking ever to do! It’s just a really slow process and I’m pretty mad at the fact that I got there in the first place. But, what’s done is done and I’m just happy that I’m healthier and living at home instead of a rehabilitation center. That place was pretty god awful.

    So why am I so busy? I’m trying super hard to get my house sold, so that I can move closer to family and have better access to home health care. Where I’m currently living, it’s very difficult to get home care providers to work with you. The hospitals basically leech all of the health care professionals in this area, leaving the home care providers with little to no staff. Adding to the problem is our Governor’s idea to privatize our entire Medicaid system. It’s going horribly and it’s making things even more difficult for persons like myself to receive the care that we need. I’m talking basic stuff. Like showering, eating, getting dressed, etc.. These things are something I have to personally set up on a weekly basis. So it’s incredibly time consuming, and not to mention annoying. I’ve even had to resort to having family members stay over the weekend, like every weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my family immensely. But it’s another thing when they’re having to do personal care for you. It’s awkward.

    But I am incredibly thankful for having such a great support system! It just gets in a way of doing much of anything CFNM and/or porn-related. About the only thing that I’ve been able to do in short stints pretty regularly is Tumblr. I have it attached to my Twitter account, so that gets updated regularly as well. It’s cfnmzone.tumblr.com – a different one I had to start because Tumblr deleted my cfnm.tumblr.com blog.

    As for my blog, I have been making small incremental steps to getting updates done. It’s just that curating all those videos for posts isn’t a quick task. Plus, I don’t want to update once and then not be able to for a couple of weeks. It would just be a big tease. I really want to wait until I can put 100% into it.

    The good news is that things have been slowly getting calmer. It’s just taking forever.

    Again, sorry for the lapse in saying anything about what’s been up! You guys are awesome for even caring a little bit, so thank you for all of your support now and for all the years that you have in the past. I really, really appreciate it.

  71. 71 Cfnm fan

    Thanks for the update man..glad to hear you are better than you have been and are making progress in your recovery! At this point i think a “tease” would be better than nothing! Lol…but completely understandable..ill check out your tumblr in the mean time..but there is no substitute for this site..best content out there. Thanks again…hope to have u back soon.

  72. 72 asiancfnm

    please we need more Asian CFNM !!!! thanks !!!!

  73. 73 Dr. Jones

    I was not being negative, but when there are no post for almost a year…the site is fucking dead. Feel free to shoot back more excuses.

  74. 74 admin

    @Dr Jones – wow. Thanks??

  75. 75 mrcfnm

    LOL. I gave up home about 9 months ago. I just check back to see what sad dudes still comment to vent their frustrations. U know guys, there are other cfnm sites out there? get a grip. if this dude can’t post for whatever reasons, then so be it, u guys are hanging onto his nuts like he’s ur own source to jacking off LOL.

  76. 76 admin

    @mrcfnm – yeah, I know, right?? I’m fucking pathetic and have absolutely no CFNM content that nobody else can’t find on ‘other CFNM sites’. I should just quit forever as trying is just a fruitless exercise. And everyone is wasting their time for caring about someone.


  77. 77 Kenny

    There’s more than enough content here. We could last at least another full year without probs.
    But maybe try to keep us posted more often ? regarding your progress πŸ™‚

    And just forget about the stupid comments πŸ™‚

  78. 78 Anon1111111

    Goddamn I miss this site

  79. 79 Luca60

    Hallo, Superflous.
    take all the time you need. Your fans, and me, are waiting for your return sure that, soon or later, it will be.
    All the best for you.

  80. 80 Just go ahead and close this site down.

    Almost a year later, and still no updates, though you seem to have plenty of time to startup new content in other areas.

  81. 81 admin

    I’m a liar?? Yikes. I’m not really sure how to respond to that, since I had to live & recover in a goddamn nursing home from November to mid-March.

    Just a little FYI, though. It takes little to no time to upload a few images to Tumblr, as I’ve finally organized all 77.5 gigs of CFNM pics I’ve accumulated the past 16 years or so. And I have my Twitter linked to that Tumblr account – so whenever I put something up on Tumblr, Twitter is automatically updated. I had my previous Tumblr get deleted, so yeah, I started another.

    You may then also have noticed my Tumblr/Twitter has NOT been getting updated much recently. That’s because I’ve got some posts set up to go here soon. Organizing, editing, converting, watermarking, & then uploading video to 4 different hosts is VERY time-consuming. I also had to consolidate ALL my videos from four smaller-sized, dying hard drives from July-August. Had to organize around 3 Terrabytes worth. Again, time consuming.

    Plus I am STILL having to use 1/3 of every damn day trying to line someone up to help me eat in the afternoon, and help to get into bed.

    So, I take your point that I updated some easy stuff. But don’t tell me to shut this down when I’m actively working on getting shit updated.

  82. 82 It's been a year!

    One year since last posting.
    Get better admin!

  83. 83 Paul

    Looking forward to some new stuff dude. Hope life gets easier for ya.

  84. 84 Yimmy

    So, a Priest, a Rabbi, and a skeleton walk into a bar……..

  85. 85 Kenny

    Knock Knock…

  86. 86 Lenny

    “Updated more often than CFNM pay sites!”

  87. 87 Dr. Jones

    I am not being negative, I am being real. You have not posted on this site in over a year! It is dead. Don’t come back on here saying you will update when you have time, ect… You have been doing that for a year now nerd. (now I am negative)

  88. 88 Jay

    Two months later is not “uploading very soon”. Why not atleast post some links to some places that you find your material? Better than posting an excuse every couple of months for the past year!

  89. 89 admin

    Hey Jay – Well, in just these last two months I’ve had to advertise for, hire, and train five health care workers; get the sale of my home finalized, search for and find a suitable home that I can remodel and purchase, as well as getting all of the financial stuff that goes with buying and selling homes together. All of that on top of having to line up help to do everything from eating, showering, dressing, managing my bowels/bladder, and getting in and out of bed.

    Keep in mind that last year at this time I was literally bed-bound with three stage-2 decubiti (skin sores) in a freaking nursing home. I was stuck in that Godforsaken place from last November to mid-March, as well.

    Excuses? Yeah, just a few. Enjoy the update & those soon to follow.

  90. 90 squirrel

    ADMIN –

    I was a fan of this site for about a year prior to your disappearance. I would check back every month or two, hoping something would pop up. I just now discovered the comments section and found out what has been going on.

    With everything you have been through, its hard to understand why you would even bother worrying about this site or those of us who enjoy it. Especially after seeing some of the very selfish comments in this section. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you want to continue, its just that people seem so unappreciative.

    I hope things have gone well with your health. I can’t imagine having to deal with the things you deal with on a day to day basis, both with your HCP’s as well as your actual health. The fucktards that bitch and cry about updates wouldn’t last a week in your life.

    Good luck with the house, the move, the new HCP’s, getting closer to your family, and of course, your health and well being.

    And remember, many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. God Bless.

    Leave a Reply