Penis Parade from PureCFNM

Dr Misha is doing research into male arousal and has persuaded four exposed male victims to be test subjects. One by one she beckons forward the nervous males|guys|men]] and conducts a series of checks on their penises. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place as first she gropes their genitalia and does a comparison to the others. Then she grabs a ruler and marks each dick length on her notepad. She even takes several pictures of their pulsating hard-ons to show her lady co workers before masturbating each guy into a beaker and studying the contents!

I really get into these types of CFNM videos where the guys are merely treated like dick carriers and the girl is only focused on their exposed body and twitching boner. Its super hot to view a woman measuring guy's penises and comparing them as well - one of my favorite scenarios that doesn't get made often enough!

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  1. 1 keine20cm

    100% agree with you….those are the best but a rare find 🙁
    THanks for this one!

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