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Well folks, Japanese CFNM is seemingly beyond it’s golden years, it seems, so we’re left with mining it’s depths postpartum. One of the quintessential and legendary cornerstones of Asian CFNM is the series of JAV entitled “A Study Of Mens’ Penises By 100 Innocent Girls”. I’m kinda hazy on when it first was released , but IIRC, it wasn’t too much later than 2000-2001. (Anybody remember exactly??) But this series completely blew my fucking mind when I first saw it, as well as tons of people in the online CFNM community. It was, and still remains, one of the most audacious and amazing CFNM productions that’s ever been put together. It set an impossibly high standard that very few other CFNM porn productions have ever came close to, as it still looks and feels genuine and unscripted.

In order to present this, I had to reasonably upscale the five DVDs of Japanese CFNM, break them into parts, upload, and then present all of this historically significant stuff. So it’s taken far longer than any of us ever wanted or anticipated. But I think it’s warranted a nice full treatment, since it was a big request from folks in the CFNM forum of record, CFNM Village. Each volume of this series is about 2 hours long. Yup, there’s TEN HOURS OF CFNM below, ready to view. I did edit out the interview portions of each volume in the streaming video links, so they get to the good stuff quickly. However, I did leave the full-length versions available via download for you completists out there.

So, below you’ll find this series in it’s entire glory. All five volumes feature 100 amateur girls (with a good number of actresses in their midst) watching multiple Japanese, Caucasian, and Black men strip naked & masturbate – after being egged on by a female “host” with a microphone. Inevitably, the girls trend from handjobs into blowjobs, which lead to a small number of girls actually engaging in sex with the male subjects. ALL of this happens in front of the entire audience of the other women, except for in the fifth installment. The fifth volume shows how a few random ladies from the audience are encouraged to watch the CFNM spectacle backstage. They’re enticed by a female host and male AV actors to masturbate and even have sex while watching the action through a two-way mirror.

This (and TONS more like it) was originally available for viewing via Zenra Japanese CFNM, but I’m not completely sure. Jaidan translates and subtitles EVERYTHING on Zenra Japanese CFNM, so it’s well worth checking out. Another great source of endlessly deep, full-length of JAV of various fetishes is Asian Movie Pass. Asian Movie Pass has been around since forever and is constantly adding new releases as well.

Enjoy this stuff and stay tuned for some newer CFNM content coming up!


WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON E.M.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON O.L.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON Z.S.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5

WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON E.M.: Watch video clip 1 | Watch video clip 2 | Watch video clip 3 | Watch video clip 4
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON O.L.: Watch video clip 1 | Watch video clip 2 | Watch video clip 3 | Watch video clip 4
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON Z.S.: Watch video clip 1 | Watch video clip 2 | Watch video clip 3 | Watch video clip 4

WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON E.M.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON O.L.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON Z.S.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5

WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON E.M.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON O.L.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON Z.S.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4

WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON E.M.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5 | Watch clip 6
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON O.L.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch clip 5 | Watch clip 6
WATCH STREAMING VIDEO ON Z.S.: Watch clip 1 | Watch clip 2 | Watch clip 3 | Watch clip 4 | Watch 5 | Watch clip 6

FEATURED CFNM: Zenra Japanese CFNM and Asian Movie Pass
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  1. 1 Kevin

    To me the black male stripper videos itsonvideos wich I own all 14 vols are the only ones I can say are 100% real.

  2. 2 simon

    wonderful videos, but where is filming this video? I’d like so much to be the male actor XD

  3. 3 DeLorean

    Great post. I just love japanese cfnm so I’ll keep on mining.

  4. 4 Bobby

    Just wondering if this site will continually be updated only once every four or so months. Not mad just wondering. Hoping for

  5. 5 admin

    Actually, yes, it will. I’ve had a supremely rough past 3 years, my man, and this site has unfortunately suffered because of it. I’ve managed to update every month the last 3, so there’s a little improvement.

    I’m currently working on two updates as I type this, too, by the way.

  6. 6 fmd89

    This is great stuff, but i dont understand a word from what they r saying. Wish it was translated.

  7. 7 jordanwill

    Wow! This Japanese CFNM video is just perfect and the way direction, like 4 girls doing in front of many girls watching is just great

  8. 8 bateman

    Anybody – where’s the one with the Asian guy on his back surrounded by a group of adoring Asian ladies and one leans over and kisses him or something, then he indicates he’s about to squirt, then thin long spurts to the delight of the crowd and the ladies next to him. One Japanese lady looks so into it. It’s gotta be from this same series. Sets look the same. Couldn’t find it.

  9. 9 cfnmstar

    This is my weekly CFNM blog. i will keep promise to update it every week with brand new content .lets promote CFNM to the world .

  10. 10 Fred

    So is this site officially dead?
    It’s such a shame as I used to check this each week in anticipation of an update and now we’re lucky if there’s an update each 6 months.
    Hopefully it will get back to the good old days soon!

  11. 11 admin

    @Fred – nooo, far from dead. I’ve just become super involved with other things. Moving, maintaining an older house, and all the other difficulties related to relocation have very much sapped all spare time that I’ve had for awhile.

    I’ve had failed attempts at revamping everything, too. So I was a tad discouraged for awhile.

  12. 12 KS

    ANy news on the next update?

  13. 13 Wtf

    Yes definitely dead, wouldn’t hold my breath. Just go to real porn sites, cfnm has gotten a lot more mainstream and is easily accessible compared to times when this site was actually good.

  14. 14 admin

    Wow, I guess with comments like that, I should just fuck off and forget about it. Now, what to do with 3 terrabytes of CFNM video content?

  15. 15 D

    Bro Fuck these dudes, I’ll be patiently waiting.

  16. 16 Nice Guy

    What you should do is ban the IP of the idiot who bothered you by saying that.

    Waiting patiently for another great update my friend.

  17. 17 Nice Guy

    What you should do is ban the IP address of the dick who just said that.

    Waiting patiently for another great update my friend.

  18. 18 Bibbi

    Please do not be touchy… 😀 there are a lot of people who follow your blog and are waiting for updates. This blog is the best from years for cfnm.

  19. 19 admin

    I didn’t mean to come across as touchy, but I really am trying to juggle a lot and have been fairly overwhelmed for about 3 years now.

    Lucky for me, things are beginning to clear up a bit!

  20. 20 KRSONE

    No worries, update when you can, this cost no one any money so folks need to relax and enjoy when you do post.

  21. 21 admin

    Thanks, man. It pains me quite a bit being unable to update this thing the way I could back in the day, but content is FAR harder to host these days. There’s fewer options and those options aren’t very reliable.

  22. 22 wtf to wtf

    people need to chill the fuck out, anyone who follows this blog knows admin doesn’t have it easy! go set up your own cfnm blog with the same quality content if it’s that easy :p

  23. 23 John Haakenson

    I think you should do a short entry about a guy who competes for clothed women at small-penis pageants. See what I did there? “Short” entry?

  24. 24 Jemima Puddleduck

    I, for one, appreciate the time and effort that’s gone in to making this site what it is. Any updates, whenever they may come, will be greatly welcomed by many I’m sure. Keep up the good work dude.

  25. 25 Groundskeeper Willie

    If people are upset about this blog not being updated regularly, how about everyone turns this comment section into a collection of links to other content that would go well with this blog…..this way it would get updated regularly, and have a central location, and have many people curating content.

  26. 26 Nj

    Have you ever thought about uploading to pornhub or xhamster?

  27. 27 Eugenio

    Is the admin dead?

  28. 28 Yu

    I think this time, he is

  29. 29 Rick

    Admin are you ok?

  30. 30 JH

    Hope you’re OK Admin and things are on the up.

    Do you have much of the old Zenra content? It’s difficult to get a hold of more than 3-4 minute videos, and some of the better videos have been removed from the site entirely.

  31. 31 HeyAdmin

    If you have any time upload content to any of the buckets you already have set up such as on Motherless or Erome. No need to create and curate.

    There are a lot of places on the web where you can upload videos and they will just sit there forever. For your users, what we really want is the content. If maintaining a website to deliver the content is too much we, and I’m sure I speak for many, would be very happy with a link to a gallery.

  32. 32 heofficiallydied

    Guys, sorry to tell you, the admin of this website passed away two weeks ago. He battled an illness for many years and this time he finally lost. Sorry to have to tell you just before christmas, but i think you guys can now get out of this misery, and go find your porn elsewhere. All the best.

  33. 33 admin

    Sigh… your attempt at humor is pretty unneeded, especially as I actually almost DID die earlier this year. I don’t have an illness. I have a disability. Big difference.

    Anyhow, I AM going to be updating. It would’ve happened weeks ago, but life intervened. Also, Tumblr is getting rid of adult-themed blogs. So the CFNMZone Tumblr I’ve been curating for a few years with 13K+ followers needs to be exported to another platform. I’m still working on getting that issue resolved ASAP or else all of that will be lost.

    I do apologize for not being more up front about my progress, but I don’t want to disappoint you all anymore. I’m doing my best to simultaneously catch new content before it is lost, curate / edit what I have, work on a new blog layout, save $$ to move to a new server, and continue working towards having a more tube-like blog with content I host myself. I’m literally doing this all by myself and am NOT a developer nor a programmer. I just dig CFNM and like sharing.

  34. 34 Kingdragoons

    Can you try and post espontanea… It’s girls from public with pornstars at sex conventions

  35. 35 Yo

    Admin, ignore the ungrateful trolls. I’ve enjoyed this blog for at least 10 years and I’m just relieved to know you’re okay. Take your time, don’t feel pressured, and thanks for curating great content.

  36. 36 cfnmstar

    Hi ADMIN i am a web developer a cfnm fan.. and i would like to help you in developing the new site. Please contact me and i will help you.

    Also any one who is missing this site updates you can visit my weekly CFNM blog for fresh contentevery week.

    my Site –

  37. 37 coco

    Hey Admin, been following this site for over a decade and seriously wish the best for you! I think all of the frustrations come from the fact that you simply have the best content around and we all just really miss it.

    Hope to hear from you soon! Stay well!

  38. 38 keine20cm

    You´re the best man!
    All the best and you´re ready when you´re ready – we´ll come back 🙂

  39. 39 I'm done

    No updates since JUNE 30TH!! Site is officially dead. Have removed it from my bookmarks and wont be back. Such a shame the admin was too selfish to pass it onto somebody else to maintain. Ah well, plenty more porn in the sea. Bye bye.

  40. 40 admin

    Well, I hate to burst your hate bubble, but the site isn’t dead. I’ve not completely abandoned the project. With Motherless deleting 4 years of my uploads, VidMe dying, EroProfile no longer accepting uploads, Tumblr dying, and video hosting still so expensive or ad-riddled, it’s been tough to feel secure going headstrong again. Plus my life got complex.

    And selfish?? Please illuminate me as to whom would take this site on??

    And even though you’ve chosen to be as salty as the “sea” of CFNM porn there is out there, I do hope you return.

  41. 41 Rammelralle

    “Clothed Female Naked Male Blog – Updated more often than CFNM pay sites!” LOL – Less updates than any other free CFNM site. This site is dead. mimimimimimimimimi

  42. 42 admin

    Ha!! Thanks for the laugh, my friend. Sorry that I’ve been busy with major life issues that conflict with your expectations for free content.

    My apologies.

  43. 43 LongtimeViewer

    I discovered CFNM through this site years ago when I was a teenager (I’m 28 now), it feels weird to have fond memories of a porn site but I do lol. If the site is going to die thanks OP for all the years of *ahem* “fun” but I hope one day we will see regular updates again

  44. 44 admin

    Your comment is one of the best anyone has left here. Honestly. Thank you for that.

    And yes, I’m currently editing the huge backlog of content I’m continuing to find and curate. Posts are imminent.

  45. 45 Peter Griffin

    How much does it cost, on average, to host a web-site? Where do the costs add up most?

  46. 46 admin

    It’s mostly bandwidth that adds up quickly. And it depends on whether you’re using a shared or dedicated server. This site is on a dedicated server because of the amount of data it holds & because I’m not very savvy when it comes to server management & require knowledgeable assistance. I need the host to provide this, as I’m also unable to monitor & fix problems that arise efficaciously and effectively. Plus it’s hosting ONLY your data, versus shared, which holds the data / bandwidth of other sites as well. Obviously dedicated hosting is more expensive per month. However, when web developers can easily charge $60 per hour to do anything and that fixes can take many hours, that expense can [and does from past experiences] add up very quickly.

    It really depends on a cost for a website.

  47. 47 Zladjaan

    We are getting close, boys! 🙂

  48. 48 Peter Griffin

    It sounds this would something worth learning if they were in the website business, rather than pay $60/hour. How much does the hardware cost?

  49. 49 admin

    Well, sure, if you’ve the time and money to pursue taking classes [online or via accredited program]. I sincerely don’t have these options at this time, nor will in the forseeable future. Have too many other responsibilities to suit engagement in learning web-developer skills.

    And the hardware is minimal, beyond having a desktop PC with a boatload of RAM & terrabytes of redundant storage. But the server costs and bandwidth usage rates are the pricey parts.

  50. 50 Peter Griffin

    I’m just talking about a ‘hobby’ level, not so much a ‘career’ level.

  51. 51 keine20cm

    Why don´t you open a little funding site for us. I am willing to contribute a little, assume apart from the haters above we all might want to help you. I mean, you are doing a great job and there is simply no such thing as a free lunch 🙂

  52. 52 Janet

    You ok hun? You been quiet a long time now.

  53. 53 gratefullurker

    Hope everything pans out for you and things chill out IRL. Thanks for this site and effort over all these years. If a crowd sourcing link shows up, I will absolutely contribute. Just wanted to say that, and “Thanks!”

  54. 54 seagul
  55. 55 Browser

    Well, Admin finally died. And so too does this site. Sorry to break the news to you all.

  56. 56 admin

    You’re fucking hilarious, edgelord. Thanks for the note. 🙂

  57. 57 Longtime Supporter Losing Faith

    July 15 2018 – “I’m currently working on two updates as I type this, too, by the way.”

    January 29 2019 – “Posts are imminent.”

    I’ve been a longtime supporter and stuck by you through thick and thin, but you can’t expect people not to get angry when you’ve said the above things.

    The definition of ‘imminent’ – ‘about to happen’. The post on January 29 made me believe that a post was likely within the next week, but two months later and still nothing. It’s frustrating when you check the site everyday because you’ve been made to believe that new content is right around the corner. And do the two updates you’ve been working take more than 8 months to post? Maybe don’t say those things in the future if you don’t want people getting angry. Not trying to be negative, just some critical feedback.

    Anyway, really hope to see new content! Although I am slowly losing hope, it pains me to say…

  58. 58 Richard Needle

    Um…Probably time to stop saying shit like “Posts are imminent”. Nothing on this site is ever Imminent.

    July 5th 2018- “I’m currently working on two updates as I type this, too, by the way.”

    October 12th 2018- “Lucky for me, things are beginning to clear up a bit!” (indicating that new material is coming from the “3 terabytes of material” on your hard drive.

    January 29th 2019- “Posts are imminent.”

    You wonder way people are mad? It’s hard to gain sympathy for you supposed issues when you are always lying. Most people probably don’t believe that your “issues” even exist. They are just sounding like a drummed up excuse. If you can’t upload content, then just say it! Instead you keep saying its coming so that you don’t lose viewers and you still gain ad money. Pretty fucked up. Stop being lazy. It doesnt take that long to make a post. Hosting content is not “harder than ever”. It’s quite the opposite. You have developers reaching out to you in this post and you are brushing them off. You obviously don’t want to do this anymore. Just say it and stop stringing people along to keep your advertisers.

  59. 59 admin

    Although I’m very tempted to I’m not going to explain all of the reasons as to why updates haven’t been happening I’m not going to. But I will say this, my life is fucking complicated. I have a physical disability that obviously many of you are completely ignorant of nor seem to understand. Being a C4 quadriplegic means that my daily life completely depends on others. Plus I’m not physically able to do things anywhere near as fast as an ambulatory person with finger and wrist movement. And this blog is NOT the only thing I do.

    No, I’m not lying. No, I’m not lazy. And no, I don’t want your pity. I never even mentioned the fact that I was disabled until I was forced to because of previous halts in updates on the site. It’s more personal information then I want to share. And honestly, I don’t live a life where I let my disability define me anyway.

    I have returned the offers that have been made here on the site and off, but either never heard back from any of those persons, or it simply didn’t work out for me financially.

    As for crowdsourcing and donations to help my efforts, I highly appreciate those offers! Just so you know, I have had a donation banner on the site for 2 years after someone else suggested it. It’s located in the middle column with a PayPal donation button. However, I have yet to receive more than one or two small donations during the time it’s been up.

    Also, I do not receive any money for ads. The banners that you see are only hot linked to pay sites, so if you subscribe, then I do get a kickback. But how many people actually sign up for sites these days? Not very damn many. Barely enough to keep the server for the site running, let alone allowing me to profit.

    Look guys, I feel incredibly guilty for not being able to keep things running the way that I once did. I hate letting people down. I have made honest efforts to get proper updates going, but some obstacle seems to keep popping up. So I see why your frustrations would fuel a level of distrust. However, I don’t understand the anger.

    This is a free site. It always has been, and it probably will remain that way forever. And although you may be skeptical, I have finally gotten through editing and organizing about 90% of what I’ve got in my archives. I’m finally at a point where I can comfortably start posting stuff without making more work for myself later on.

    I’m juggling A LOT and doing my best. I’m very sorry that it’s not enough.

  60. 60 Mrb

    don’t listen to those who insult you! I’m sure there are many people like me patiently waiting for your content! do not give up! we are waiting for you!

  61. 61 The truth

    Nobody cares about your personal issues. The only reason people are being nice to you is because they want your content. You’re stringing on a bunch of people with “post incoming” promises. Is this an experiment to see how far you can stretch desperation-driven patience?

    Take one of the many offers for someone else to manage this site. Nobody wants an incapable person running it so poorly. Hand over the reigns and deal with your personal shit so other people can enjoy this site. At this point, it’s selfish of you to continue as (inactive) admin. OR, just announce that updates are no more and acknowledge that this site is just an archive of the community you once had. Make your choice.

  62. 62 Dude...

    Dude… having a dissability is real factor, we get that it must be harder then we can ever imagine. Wich is why we would have no issue with you not updating anymore,
    Just admit that you re done. If you had any legit intentions of updating, you would have done it allready but you didn t. WICH IS TOTALLY OK

    If you enjoyed posting here, it wouldnt be a chore to you, wich it seems to have become. Tbh, if its not fun anymore, its not worth it dude, its just porn. If you don t want to do it don t even bother

    It was a fun ride and i think a lot of us are super gratefull but i d much rather you just put and end to it then just let it linger, die out, cause confusion and frustration with your community in the comment section of an 8 month old post. No need for a bitter end to this great site.

    From a longtime fan, THANK YOU! you did a great job with the site, wich has become arguably the BEST catalogue ever for the cfnm community.

    Thanks for everything but i think its time for ALL of us to move on.

    See yah bud, thx for the great stuff, hope life gets better for ya ^^

  63. 63 Longtime Lurker

    The entitlement of some people is disgusting. I know I’m not alone when I say plenty like me appreciate all you’ve done over the years. This site was (and still is, going by these Japanese CFNM videos) fantastic for discovering my interests.

    I recognize your type of personality and feel it needs to be said that you don’t owe us anything. You’ve done more than enough for the community already, and don’t need to do a damn bit more. You do you. Thanks for all you’ve done.

    To those with a seriously unhealthy attachment to this site (looking at you, ‘The truth’), recognize that everything ends eventually, and learn to manage your dependence on this site.

  64. 64 Peter Griffin

    Here’s an idea…… since updates can be few & far between for this site, which is understandable, how about this site starts its own forum? This way, member can have a central source of constantly updated content, links to content, categories, requests, etc, etc….

  65. 65 also a lurker

    Totally agree with ‘Longtime Lurker’.

    Take your time dude. There a popular proverb ‘patience comes to those who wait’ and I will wait patiently for those updates to start flowing again.

    This is the best CFNM site I’ve ever used, and I used to visit once a week when updates were often, and now once a month just to see if there are any updates. I’ll come back again in a months time, and a month after that etc.

    Quality isn’t easy to find, so no chance I’ll be leaving this site anytime soon.

    Also to all those ‘people’ telling the admin to quit… get back into your mothers basements you pathetic neckbeard virgins.

  66. 66 Richard Needle

    There is more dick sucking going on n the thread than I have seen in a full year of your posts. The anger comes from you promising and not delivering just to keep people coming back. If you aren’t going to post content just stop posting messages saying that it is coming. its that easy. Nobody would be mad. Its the stringing people along that is pissing people off. Ill check back next year to see if its updated.

  67. 67 admin

    It has never been my intention to “string people along” or making comments to “keep coming back”. You all accusing me of being manipulative are outta your gourds. I’ve had to uproot my entire life from one city to another, I literally coded a year ago January, and a plethora of other life-upending, disruptive bullshit has happened.

    Nevermind. Explanations won’t help. I’m trying to juggle a lot of responsibilities here. This blog isn’t my first and only.

  68. 68 Another Longtime Fan

    Anyone complaining here is a heartless arsehole – that’s all there is to it.
    I’ve appreciated the content over the last 10 years and, regardless of when new content gets uploaded, I’m appalled at the entitled bullshit comments from richard needle, ‘the truth’, etc.

    Admin, I hope you can just ignore the negative comments – you dont owe anyone anything.

    PS. I dont care if anyone here tells me im sucking dick… i’d literally suck a dick all day if i could

  69. 69 Fredfred

    To all of those people that are complaining, while you wait for the next amazing update, spend some time going through the 100+ pages of archived material and before you know it, the next update will be available!

  70. 70 Robert Anderson

    First of all: I enjoyed your site for many years. Thank You for your good work!
    Secondly, I fully understand your situation, I experience the same things, even though I have a different form of disability. Due to my rescue work and my work abroad as a refugee relief worker, where I had to endure a Kalashnikov shooting, I suffer from chronic post traumatic stress disorder.
    I know how hard it is to keep things on track, when facing medical issues at the same time.
    But most of us succeed, even though it might take longer and some deviations are on our roads.
    But in the end we overcome them, and that is, what makes us “diversely able”, as the Italians call disabled people.
    So thank you again for all the good times I had on your site in times when fear made me incapable of leaving the house for months. In such situations, when you are really down in life, every beam of light helps.
    Your site was one of those beams.
    Whatever happens next, thank you again for that!
    All the best and the best possible state of existence I wish to you!
    Kind regards

  71. 71 Steve

    All you bootlickers on here crack me up. This used to be a great site but we’re going on a year without an update, that means this site is dead. He can say he has 500 TB worth of content all he wants but who gives a shit if it isn’t making it to the site. Do yourselves a favor and write this one off.

  72. 72 admin

    Damn Steve, you’re an angry one. I have to admit, though, the “bootlickers” comment was kind of funny. A little. You’re mostly just insulting.

  73. 73 John Paul

    It’s sad what’s happened to this site. Not sure why it’s still love.

  74. 74 CFNM Fan

    Hi Admin, first thanks for all of your hard work into putting this site together, I have been a long time fan of it.

    Just wondering, do you know when we may see the next update?

  75. 75 admin

    Thanks for the note. I’ve spent all my free time the past 4 weeks cleaning up all my image directories. Much like I had to do with my video directories. I ended up deleting 30GB + worth of images. My eyes are fried, but I’ve pared my collection down to 252K pics and gifs. Stuff is FAR better organized and everything’s backed up on a second 4TB drive.

    This week should be good for FINALLY putting something together. I’m hoping that this coming weekend will be post time.

  76. 76 DFW

    Look forward to it! Thanks admin

  77. 77 Bullshit

    Lol. How fucking long have you been ‘cleaning up your directories’? Bullshit. Even a quadriplegic would have finished faster than you, and here you are feeling sorry for yourself that you’ve got some disabilities (which you can never stop talk about btw – way to be defined by your limitations). Just admit that the site is done, make an announcement and work on getting your life together. Or give this over to someone who can actually manage it. Or, if you’ve at least got that information in your will, I hope it gets executed as quickly as possible.

  78. 78 More Lies...

    “This week should be good for FINALLY putting something together. I’m hoping that this coming weekend will be post time.” – TWO WEEKS AGO

    Admin is literally the George R.R. Martin of the CFNM world.

  79. 79 admin

    I was about to post an explanation for why things got delayed until I saw your trolling ass had already arrived to be an asshole.

    I had little time to do much of anything by myself this last week. And you don’t need further explanation. All the genuinely private info I’ve shared with you all has only been turned around on me to be used as fucking punch line to unfunny jokes and accusations. So onward, I won’t be explaining jack shit.

    Look, I’m trying to update. Not good enough?? I urge you to accumulate, curate, edit, upload, and share your CFNM videos and pictures on your own site and server FOR FREE.

    If you want to continue trolling, take it to 4chan, ROBOT9K, or whatever trollfarm you enjoy.

  80. 80 Admin reply

    No more explanations? THANK YOU! Nobody gives a shit about you, your disabilities, your struggles, none of it. They want your content. If you ran out (something I suspect has happened), your value ends. I’m so glad you’re finally shutting the fuck up about your explanations. Come back with a post, or a handover/closure announcement, or shut your mouth.

    For anyone else reading this, no Admin isn’t dead. Admin has run out of content. Even a self-proclaimed masterful curator of content as Admin will run out eventually, and after many years, he has. That’s the reason why there hasn’t been updates. Why string you along? See above: when the content ends, his value ends, and he’s a lonely man. But don’t sweat it; his problems aren’t yours to worry over. Leave this site and source your content elsewhere. There are many forums with lots of content that you can peruse. When it comes to Admin, The Simpsons said it best in their Halloween special: “just don’t look.”

  81. 81 John Paul

    I will no longer be checking this site for updates. I tried to be patient understanding but your constant explanations and lack of updates are just annoying at this point. I wish you the best personally but professionally I’ve officially lost faith. Thank you for the years of content however.

  82. 82 Scottie

    Look, I’m as disappointed as anybody that we’re about to hit the one year mark with no updates, but there’s no reason for the outright hostility to admin. Like all of you, I really wish that he wouldn’t promise updates as being “imminent” and the like, only to never actually update, but picking fights with him online is needless and kind of petty. We can all find other content elsewhere to enjoy – hell, we have for a year now. Admin doesn’t owe us anything and, while I don’t believe him anymore when he promises new content, I’m not going to be an ass to him either. Let’s all just move along.

    Admin – thanks for what you did on this site. Regardless of whether you ever update it again, I sincerely wish you the best.

  83. 83 Luca

    Unfortunately, I think that after a year without updates, the real Admin passed away and someone tried to keep the site alive in his memory.
    Only a new update could change my mind. However, wherever you are, Superflous, thank you so much for everything and a good life … or whatever it is.

  84. 84 admin

    You guys are nutty. I’m just trying to get at least a few updates put together so IF/when I have zero time, there will be stuff ready to roll out. I’m not dead. LOL

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