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CFNM that occurs during playing gammes of some sort is something that gets a mixed reaction here, as exemplified in previous posts here, here, & here. I don’t really understand what people claiming to be into CFNM wouldn’t like about this kind of scenario. Games like truth or dare, strip poker, and drinking related stripping […]

There’s quite a bit of erotic fun when you make a game out of getting naked like in this post today and in this older post. The CFNM game scenario gets even better if you add in sexual acts as part of the game itself or the penalty for having lost in the competition. Either […]

One of the most often overlooked and often underappreciated Cfnm scenarios are ones that occur in a friendly game context. You know, strip poker, truth or dare, scavenger hunts, over the top trivia games, and the like. Just take a small group of open minded individuals, mix in some sexual overtones and gratuitous male (and […]

Although I previously posted a set of pics from “The Cfnm Ad” right here, this scenario is so I just had to share part of “The Cfnm Ad”‘s series for you all to check out. These two guys get casually played with, teased, and pleased so much by these three hot girls that “The Cfnm […]

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted much about Dare Ring‘s amateur mixed nudity, semi-CFNM material. But yet I know that the site is VERY intriguing for CFNM fans because of the nature of how the games are played. You can read all about Dare Ring’s rules for the players HERE. I just noticed that not […]

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This page will soon a great resource for free CFNM picture and video galleries – which I’ll be consistently updating, so be sure to check this page often for tons more free CFNM video & picture galleries! Mike’s New Neighbor Catches Him Completely Naked 14 Clothed Girls’ Hands On One Lucky Naked Guy’s Cock Masturbation […]