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As I’ve indicated in plenty of posts, yours truly is well overstocked when it comes to good examples of CFNM. That goes for pretty much all genres, in both video and picture format. Given that, when prepping this post of amateur webcam CFNM interactions between exhibitionist guys & couples, it was tough to choose exactly […]

Amazingly enough, it’s been almost four full months when I posted this post, featuring nothing but amateur webcam CFNM movies! It’s pretty dumb that I haven’t, seeing as how popular amateur webcam CFNM movies usually are here on the blog. In the lapse of time between these two posts, things surrounding free webcam services have […]

Man, do I have some very hard to find CFNM webcam footage that so many of you enjoy in this post! Just like in this post here, I’ve located and edited four completely candid and real footage from amateur webcam broadcasts streamed live on Basically, is where exhibitionist individuals and couples go to […]

I think I’m not alone in saying that there’s just a special something about amateur Cfnm that no fantasy site can replicate. Amateurs engaging in Cfnm interactions just for their own pleasure is pretty hot, but when they do it over a webcam for the pleasure of others, it’s even more hot to watch. So […]

Welcome to All Things CFNM’s first post of SPH (small penis humiliation) videos in years. I’ve been a lot trigger-shy when it comes to this sub-genre, mostly because it can cause controversy to you chronic porn consumers out there. Also, I really didn’t find it that alluring on a personal level. However, our tastes do […]

Well CFNM enthusiasts, here’s yet another megaposting of real amateur CFNM footage. I know that these webcam CFNM are like the recent post here, but as people love this webcam stuff so much, it was due time on the blog. So first up are two videos made by the same well-hung male exhibitionist. Clip one […]

What you got here is a nice mixture of observational CFNM, or more crudely put, girls watching exhibitionist males openly jacking off for them. Since there are so many in the post, I’ll get right into describing what’s below. First up are two offerings from the premier site of intimate exposure and masturbating for a […]

In this CFNM blog post of women watching men jacked off right in front of them and on webcam, there’s close to 2 hours of footage for you to watch. Overkill, right? Not quite. First up are two great clips of this exhibitionist male, voyeuristic female CFNM situation from a site that specializes in this […]

Well, this is quite the overboard post of this genre of amateur CFNM as you’ll probably agree. I mean, not only am I showcasing the very new & CFNM-pertinent website Voyeur Bitches, I’m bringing out some Japanese and cock shock specialist jams for y’all. So, as mentioned then are two HD preview compilations of straight-up […]

I, for one, absolutely love the observed jacking off and mutual masturbation CFNM scenario. Why? I guess to me, it puts enough physical distance between the guy and girl that a more pure CFNM dynamic is achieved. There’s no hinderance to the girl being able to just relax and enjoy watching, or to satisfy her […]