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In my surgery recovery, I was treated to an allotment of massage therapy home visits. And let me tell you guys, this is easily one of the most erotic CFNM situations you can find yourself in! That goes especially if you live in a college town and there’s tons of aspiring massage therapists looking to […]

In this blog update, I’ve put together a nice mixture of the various types of CFNM and CFNM-like encounters within the context of a massage. First up are two videos from one of the best sources online for seriously erotic as fuck massage movies: Hegre Art. The first is actually not a massage, but instead […]

Well today’s bounty is constructed of pure CFNM and NFNM massage scenarios and nothing else. Our first two amazing and high definition movies come from the incredibly hot site Hegre Art Massage Videos. Each being just a sample of the oily, erotic goodness they have hours of. There’s first an incredibly hot little Indian chick […]

CFNM situations like getting a legitimate massage in your home or at a spa is a great experience you should explore trying out. If anything, you’ll be naked while having a relaxing interaction with someone probably fairly interesting given their line of work. But, “things” can happen, if you build a mutually respectful relationship with […]

As I’ve often said when posting erotic CFNM massage footage, it’s one of the most easily experienced types of situation to get yourself into. How so? Chances are good that if you are respectful, cool, and nice with a massage therapist that does “undraped” (allows you to be nude) massages, you’ll have an full-on and […]

One of the most relaxed and casual scenarios for CFNM is that of the massage scenario. I personally love this kind of setup because typically women in the massage therapy occupation are cool people. Oftentimes, even if you do pop wood in front of them, they’ll be completely cool about it and say something like […]

I realize that today’s update isn’t actually completely 100% CFNM, as some of the video footage contains female nudity. However, in the massage scenario, I think that naked males are still being objectified as a source of sexual interest. So, with that kind of dynamic, the heart and soul of what all CFNM scenarios are […]

I’ve had some very uncompromising computer problems lately that has made this update a bit late, but I’m pretty stoked to finally get this great massage footage to all of you. My last post of massage CFNM involved stuff from Hegre Art, Vimeo, as well as You Tube much like these do. However, much like […]

It’s been a minute since I’ve had the nuts to drop a mega-post on the blog, mostly because there’s always issues that pop up. So, here’s 10 pretty damn impressive videos of CFNM in the massage situation with action that ranges from nnocent to sensual, and all the way to “happy ending” handjobs. Of course […]

There’s not many more simple and straightforward CFNM scenarios than that of a fully nude massage. Female masseuses are put in the position of power over the naked male subject. The masseuse is given the control, manipulating the massage in a way to be relaxing, emotional,or invigorating, and/or like in the cases below, whether or […]