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CFNM, or Clothed Female(s), Naked (or Nude) Male(s) is a term for a paraphilia involving one or more nude men and one or more clothed women. It is generally used as a label for pictorial erotica or pornography, or a sexual fantasy depicting such a scenario; however, CFNM gatherings of men and women interested in this type of erotic pursuit do occur as well. CFNM is also a type of sexual objectification of men by women.

The establishment of CFNM as a specific form of erotic interest did not occur until the creation of the Internet at which time the concept was explored in various discussion forums, and then named.

The general category of “CFNM” is fairly broad, encompassing several different types of scenario. The most common subdivisions of the genre involve either an activity under the rubric of female domination, exhibitionism or entertainment; combination of all categories is somewhat rare, although several web sites cater to the sub genres separately.

The opposite to CFNM is CMNF.

CFNM fantasy and humiliation/punishment

Unlike CMNF, CFNM is not divided into categories Nice CFNM and Hard CFNM. There are many reasons why the male participants receive pleasure from the CFNM experience. Many males enjoy being completely nude around females and do not tend to be disappointed that the females are fully clothed whilst experiencing the sexual pleasure given by females including masturbation. CFNM parties are now becoming very common, particularly in the young market. Whilst the male figures in CMNF are almost fully clothed, the females in CFNM tend to be in their undergarments.

However some male participants often feel humiliated during the experience. Like the females in Hard CMNF, the focus is on the embarrassment/humiliation he experiences in the situation.

Really, in most people’s opinion, CFNM can be just about anything your imagination can construct happening where the man or men are naked and the woman or women are fully clothed. This is the true spirit of

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