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I’ve been getting comments and a few emails requesting interracial and cock shock CFNM, so I figured I would deliver some in a post. I just love the reactions that occur when even a porn actress is introduced to a truly big dick, especially in the situation where she’s clothed and the guy is exposing […]

When it comes to online porn, even within the Cfnm genre, there’s a fixation on penis size. There’s basically two camps: one which finds it highly erotic to see women’s reactions to a guy with an enormous cock or then there’s the exact opposite. Now the second camp can be described as SPH, or small […]

It’s been a fair stretch of time since All Things Cfnm presented some hot Cfnm cock shock, so that’s the flavor of this update. First up is the modern master of interracial Cfnm cock shock getting a long and challenging blowjob from a petite cutie via the Blackzilla site. Then there’s a hot Whitezilla scene […]

It just wouldn’t be a Cfnm cock shock post if it didn’t include Shane Diesel. He’s well renowned for his huge dick and you’ll find tons of fantastic Cfnm cock shock in his many DVDs, all his scenes on Hush Pass, and also on Bang Bros‘s site Monsters Of Cock. So, I’ve put together some […]

For some odd reason, lots of Cfnm aficionados distinctly enjoy watching the reaction of a girl to the sight of exceptionally well built guys. That goes double if the reactions are from the clothed girl(s) seeing said guys’ enormous cocks. Not to be stereotypical, but the physiology of a good number of African American guys […]

It’s March Madness time and I’m stoked, as well as highly distracted by watching all the great action. But it’s made my attempts to update the blog with this “cock shock” post late. For that, I do apologize. So here’s 4 great scenes of the “cock shock” variety, where the girls have their way with […]

Today’s post of “Cock Shock” Cfnm, aptly named by the brilliant Cfnm’er Lazarus, comes from two sources: Monsters Of Cock and the prolific porn star Shane Diesel. “Cock Shock” Cfnm incorporates the astonished reaction of a clothed female to seeing and having the opportunity to handle a naked guy’s much larger than average cock. There’s […]

Here we go again with videos of the fun subgenre of the hardcore Cfnm fetish: “cock shock”. As you can surmise from any of the previous “cock shock” posts here at All Things CFNM, these Cfnm scenarios are hot to Cfnm fans because of the girls’ reaction to seeing a truly huge dick, even if […]

It really seems like people are going Brazzers crazy these days, especially over ‘Teens Like It Big’, part of the Brazzers Pass Network. There’s A LOT of really good ‘cock shock’-themed Cfnm videos & picture sets where super hot girls get the chance to see & interact with truly big dicks in well-scripted scenarios. You […]

To a true Cfnm fan, one of the greatest things is the reaction of the female(s) has towards a guy’s erection. For some, it’s a turn on if it’s small & gets made fun of. For others, it’s hot to see a girl appreciating a big one. Well today, 4 girls see huge black cocks […]