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In the last huge update of CFNM, I mixed up many different tyes of CFNM scenarios. One of them was the nude male art model or “life drawing” scenario – where girls draw the figure of one naked man in front of them. I also wanted to include the CFNM situation of nude bodypainting, but […]

It’s actually been awhile since a major CFNM fetish-specific site has opened shop, since the rash of openings (and later stallings) of a few years ago. For a while there, it seemed like a new site opened up every month! Now, other than CFNM 18, the expansion of CFNM TV, and the restructured & updated […]

When it comes to actively sexual CFNM behavior (handjobs & blowjobs), the easiest and most obvious place for that to occur is within the comforts of a car. If it’s a taxi, van, or limousine, then it’s even better as you’ve got more room to play. Well in today’s update, amateurs (and pros) show off […]

Let’s face it, some of cthe hottest CFNM situations can only be played out in a fantasy. Fantasy scenarios that include CFNM oriented interaction pop up in the land of mainstreme hardcore porn. surprisingly, the high budgets give the scripted scenes better (more ‘professional’) actors/actresses, better lighting, and quite often hotter than average movies. And […]

I had some pretty decent feedback from the last post of cock shock CFNM here and the last post of webcam CFNM here, so I’ve done a mash-up of sorts. Here you’re treated to six scenes of CFNM scenarios where the women have a shocked and mixed emotional reaction to men with incredibly big cocks. […]

When it comes to online porn, even within the Cfnm genre, there’s a fixation on penis size. There’s basically two camps: one which finds it highly erotic to see women’s reactions to a guy with an enormous cock or then there’s the exact opposite. Now the second camp can be described as SPH, or small […]

With the economy the way it is, most people are looking for the best deal when shopping for a Cfnm site or porn in general. Well, I recently discovered a damn good one when I gave the monster porn network Mofos. I was initially a tad let down that there weren’t that many Cfnm setups […]

I’m not really sure why it is this way, but it seems that the major site networks are the only entities providing much in the way of big dick and cock shock Cfnm. So I’ve gone through the trouble of providing you some examples of great Cfnm that abounds on Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Bang […]

Happy New Year, Cfnm blog readers! I am amazed at how much the audience of the blog have become part of it over this last year, helping it grow into something much greater than just a place to look at Cfnm themed porn. Points of view are expressed, anger and joy is shared, and everybody […]

I reckoned that since a grand majority of posts here on All Things Cfnm lately have been picture oriented, you guys and gals were due a big dose of Cfnm videos. Cruising through the archives, I was drawn to a bunch of older Cfnm scenarios of the gonzo variety. To me, John Stagliano and Rodney […]