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One type of CFNM situation that is by far the easiest to encounter in your day-to-day life is the type you can have via webcam. Amateur girls from all over the world are available through webcam networks like Chaturbate, either as voyeurs or as entertainers looking to make some side money using their webcams. This […]

Starting up this much requested update of “cock shock” CFNM are two interracial scenes starring well endowed men with beautiful, mature women. Nobody does this particular niche of porn industry CFNM than Monsters Of Cock, trust me! So first up, from Monsters Of Cock is a clip of a cute brunette MILF that is amazed […]

In this CFNM blog post of women watching men jacked off right in front of them and on webcam, there’s close to 2 hours of footage for you to watch. Overkill, right? Not quite. First up are two great clips of this exhibitionist male, voyeuristic female CFNM situation from a site that specializes in this […]

As previos posts of this mixed variety (seen here, here, here, here, & here) have been super popular, here’s another for you all. It would’ve been up days ago, but incessant thunderstorms and high winds around here have left me with intermittent power for the last couple days. So, hopefully the extra footage I included […]

I, for one, absolutely love the observed jacking off and mutual masturbation CFNM scenario. Why? I guess to me, it puts enough physical distance between the guy and girl that a more pure CFNM dynamic is achieved. There’s no hinderance to the girl being able to just relax and enjoy watching, or to satisfy her […]

One major aspect of CFNM that I really enjoy is the role that voyeurism plays, as it’s the visual stimulation of the woman in the situation that can make or break a great CFNM encounter. A great way to experience this is through webcams, as there’s thousands of single women and couples out there looking […]

As I’ve been running a string of exhibitionist CFNM posts recently, and received such a great amount of positive feedback on this post, I’ve put together another post of webcam stuff. This time around, there’s two shorter clips that involve amateur women chatting online with completely naked and hard exhibitionist men, openly jacking off for […]

Amazingly enough, it’s been almost four full months when I posted this post, featuring nothing but amateur webcam CFNM movies! It’s pretty dumb that I haven’t, seeing as how popular amateur webcam CFNM movies usually are here on the blog. In the lapse of time between these two posts, things surrounding free webcam services have […]

I know I’ve just covered the amateur CFNM webcam genre yesterday, but this is an intended follow up post. You see, two practicing CFNM exhibitionists Bernard Z. Grate and The Penis Comedian both submitted CFNM material for the site at the same time. Even more coincidental is that they are essentially doing the same thing: […]

This is a rare treat, CFNM aficionados, a great fan of the CFNM blog has bestowed upon us a few of his very own homemade CFNM compilations. He calls himself “Penny The Penis Comedian”, and is a self-described extreme exhibitionist – using webcam services like,, or He enjoys showing off his cock […]