CFNM 18 Archive

In the last huge update of CFNM, I mixed up many different tyes of CFNM scenarios. One of them was the nude male art model or “life drawing” scenario – where girls draw the figure of one naked man in front of them. I also wanted to include the CFNM situation of nude bodypainting, but […]

For today’s update, I wanted to share some news: the small group CFNM scenario site CFNM 18 has been updated with new ‘episodes’! I haven’t mentioned CFNM 18 (nor it’s femdom-ish sister site 18 Dom) much since I first introduced the site. As it turns out, the combination of CFNM 18 and 18 Dom (with […]

I’ve been scrounging up quite a bit of amateur CFNM footage that have funny themes to them. I mean, I’ve posted quite a bit of the more goofy, playful, and funny CFNM scenario here, here, & here. Plus a particularly fantastic one here. But these particular ones below show the particular range this type of […]

It’s been awhile since it happened, but a number of new CFNM sites popped up over the last week or so, two with somewhat similar content. These sites are CFNM 18 and 18 Dom. They’re similar in that they are both produced in Prague, are CFNM driven, have a couple of familiar male performers you […]