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I wanted to make this post on Mother’s Day purpusefully because of the subject matter. Also to remind you all, like Mr. T says, you should treat your Mother right!! Now with that public service announcement taken care of, let’s get to the CFNM videos of guys getting stripped by, or in front of, multiple […]

One of the most relaxed and casual scenarios for CFNM is that of the massage scenario. I personally love this kind of setup because typically women in the massage therapy occupation are cool people. Oftentimes, even if you do pop wood in front of them, they’ll be completely cool about it and say something like […]

I’ve got to apologize for the fact this medical CFNM scenario post took so long. To explain succinctly, technical difficulties with the video hosts delayed things big time! But these two fantasy medical setting CFNM from CFNMEU are interesting enough to make up for at least part of the delay. But another post is coming […]

I wanted to put together a nice mix of different examples of the kinds of things that can occur during a Cfnm massage. Of course there’s the automatic thought of getting a Cfnm handjob from a female masseuse, as she’s already rubbing around down there, why not just rub the cock too? Well there’s plenty […]

Ever since I did a post of domineering Cfnm handjobs here, I’ve been getting into this genre much more. Perhaps it’s because it’s more edgy than what has always been my favorite genres of Cfnm (stripper shows, Japanese, and unstaged amateur stuff), or perhaps it’s darker nature is the thing. Whatever it is, the aspect […]

Since I’m hitting the hospital again for another overnight stay, I thought it would be fun to do a post on the subject of medical Cfnm scenarios. Aside from Medical Femdom and Crazy Female Doctors, there’s really only two sites that cater to medical Cfnm scenarios and do it well. And those two sites are […]

In creating the post of Cfnm handjobs and blowjobs below this one, I thought about all the Cfnm sites that don’t get much attention anymore. That very thought led me to this one – a post consisting of Cfnm scenes from places that don’t get updated and/or just don’t get any attention anymore. The content […]

I’m not very sure why I don’t give CFNM Europe much attention here on the blog, especially seeing as it’s been a steady source of Cfnm for over 5 years now. I guess it’s because I often forget that it’s not strictly femdom themed Cfnm. Although it’s true that CFNM Europe‘s scenes usually end up […]

I can barely believe it myself, but yes, I’m finally coming around to review two very edgy European Cfnm sites. First up is the long-running British produced Adventures In Cfnm (a.k.a., which could be credited with being the very first Cfnm fantasy scenario website. I never before ventured into Adventures In Cfnm territory, as […]

Take the great storied format of Pure Cfnm, the European edge of Cfnm Fever and add in the harsh Cfnm themes of Tyrannized and you’ll get an idea of what Cfnm Europe is about. Cfnm Europe has been around for years, but for whatever reason (a language barrier, maybe?) it hasn’t gotten much exposure to […]