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In creating the post of Cfnm handjobs and blowjobs below this one, I thought about all the Cfnm sites that don’t get much attention anymore. That very thought led me to this one – a post consisting of Cfnm scenes from places that don’t get updated and/or just don’t get any attention anymore. The content […]

I know I recently announced some technological advances in Cfnm in this post here from Pure Cfnm, but there’s been yet another leap. Yes, the purist Cfnm site Cfnm Max has jumped into making their site mobile phone friendly! Pretty cool, right? It’s stuff like this from Cfnm Max and other sites that make it […]

I’ve been quite busy emailing and “tweeting” on Twitter with people that you’ll soon be seeing interview blog posts on. I’m pretty excited about it too and hopefully you’ll appreciate them as much as I do, as the people who are willing to actually take part in CFNM in their real lives and share their […]

Although I just did a big post of awesome amateur CFNM and NFNM footage from Russian clubs that ‘Paul11’ found, here’s 5 more from the Maximus club below. Next up are five various straight up CFNM videos that are soon-to-be classics. I should apologize for the poor quality thumbnails on some of these, but a […]

After talking about doing a CFNM Max site review here and here, I’m finally fulfilling my promise. CFNM Max was born from the once-exciting The Cfnm Site which quickly became repackaged as Cfnm Gold. Well all that content is now part of CFNM Max along with a bunch of new Cfnm scenes! I counted 36 […]

Sorry again for a delay with this straight-up Cfnm and Big Brother amateur sex footage post, but I’m still working through alot of ‘stuff’ these days. But as I mentioned already, here’s 5 varied straight-up Cfnm videos that range from amateurs stripping in front of one another, to Cfnm body painting, to dick measuring. Next […]

I stumbled upon this nifty little streaming video from the new Cfnm site Cfnm Max and really thought you’d all appreciate it too. Who doesn’t fantasize about having three gorgeous women controlling you by your cock? This lucky bastard doesn’t seem to mind much! See this entire video and MANY more hot Cfnm scenes HERE […]

The second newest Cfnm site CFNM Max just launched today and I was given a peek at CFNM Max‘s take on fantasy the Cfnm genre. I know this is a total tease, but I really need more time to scout around the CFNM Max site before I can do a full site review. So, in […]