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Yup, an actual update. I was going to make it a bit longer and more content filled, but I think from now on I’ll be sticking to smaller & more frequent posts. It’ll be FAR easier to manage for me. Plus, I’ve gone through 98% of the CFNM content I’ve collected from 2005ish-2019 – deleting […]

Well folks, I went way above and beyond for this CFNM blog update of CFNM videos. I’ve got such a huge backlog of content to share that I feel compelled to give you as much as possible. Now, this post is much like previous male stripper CFNM posts like this one and also this one, […]

As this post has gotten to “mega post” proportions, I’ll spare you all a flowery intro and jump right into clip descriptions. Videos one and two both come from one of the first CFNM sites ever, Loverboys USA. In clip one, hung male stripper Paul from the Loverboys strips for a crowd of women, utilizing […]

Ever since I did my last two-part posting spree of male stripper scenario CFNM here & here, I’ve been thinking about doing a throwback post like this one today. The best stripper CFNM is the more rare and old stuff – as there was more mystery and newness around it all. Starting first with two […]

Adult video porn conventions, trade shows, and Expos are amazing sources of amateur public CFNM. The adult industry showcases its current stars, products, movies, and more at these things – which gather tons of women and men into porn. One major feature of these Expos is that they showcase live entertainment, usually up on a […]

I totally find bad B-movie, blacksploitation, sexploitation, and overall vintage porn cinema endlessly entertaining. I’m hoping you agree as this post focuses on what I love about the stuff when there’s a CFNM scene – it’s usually weird, funny, imaginative, and overall beats almost anything people try making today. Previous posts like here, here, and […]

Sometimes the best CFNM scenes end up in the most obvious places, and are downright shocking when you realize it. By obvious places, I’m talking about television shows on basic networks and on cable, places you really wouldn’t imagine CFNM to show up in! So, much like in this post, I’m showcasing eight scenes of […]

You may have missed the big announcement I made here, when I broke big news about one of my favorite sites. Zenra Movie Annex has continued to become even more awesome, as it’s the best Japanese CFNM & fetish site with English subtitled movies being added monthly. That’s right, no more wondering what is being […]

With the huge demand for video clips of CFNM that exists today, I think that folks have gotten a bit jaded. Correction, a LOT jaded. There’s video everywhere you look online, but there’s just something about a picture that can be so much more erotic than a video ever could be. I used to comb […]

There’s been many people in the online CFNM community that have stated in a couple forums that there isn’t much real CFNM out there. Well, I kind of beg to differ, as this post goes to illustrate. Sure, amateur video doesn’t do the best job of capturing the most perfect of views of these occurrences […]