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Although I just posted a small batch of male stripper CFNM videos and pictures here, I have SO MANY yet that I have shelled these out in a separate post. It’s amazing how much the male stripper show has become so much more mainstream here in the U.S. in just a few short years! Thanks […]

I’m back with probably the most requested genre of CFNM that this blog receives: amateur male stripper CFNM. Now it used to be incredibly hard to find great video footage of this type of CFNM, thanks to women feeling more sexually liberated & going to see male strippers has become less & less taboo. Now […]

I happened upon a treasure trove of amateur CFNM while doing some exhaustive searches on YouTube recently. And I may have stumbled upon a new CFNM genre itself: gogo club dancer CFNM. For those not real hip to the club scene, “gogos” are physically attractive guys & girls hired by clubs to serve as entertaining […]

We’ve had a slight resurgence of new sites recently, and this newest one uniquely titled “Spunk Party” is poised to be a favorite for many of you out there. Now it has some similarities to

Truth is always stranger than fiction when you have the video evidence to prove it, and in this post, that’s being made quite clear. Because I’ve found and presented eight incredibly crazy and completely real CFNM clips recorded and shared by amateurs from all over the world. The action in these videos mostly occur in […]

There’s been more than a few requests for male stripper show video posts recently, so that’s what today’s flavor of CFNM shall be. Now I’ve been asked if Party Hardcore has been updating and I can most assuredly answer YES. They’ve also been including a couple of strippers that often get the amateur girls to […]

I’m unfortunately bringing in the new year having had not only hacked by some asshole, but also having that asshole use the material from my blog completely copied onto his own domain. Needless to say, I’m not happy, and this asshole will not have any websites for very long in the very near future. […]

I’m beginning to wonder what the interest level of CFNM is out there these days, given that there seems to be less back-and-forth here. I hope that the upcoming posts I have will maybe inject some life into you folks out there in wank land, starting with this one. I love the voyeurism aspect of […]

Thanks to a tip from Loloman, there’s a new CFNM party site that’s hit the net called Horny Birds. If you take the small group male stripper CFNM aesthetic of Cruelty Party and mix it with the amateur blended CFNM action from Dancing Bear, you have an idea of what Horny Birds brings. The site’s […]

Mainstream porn, and even including CFNM scenario driven porn itself, has evolved over a longer time span than you might think. What’s surprising is how far back in time we can go in porn movie productions to see that there were directors willing to explore CFNM situations. So I’m presenting ten such scenes in this […]