CFNM Secret Archive

Let’s face it, some of cthe hottest CFNM situations can only be played out in a fantasy. Fantasy scenarios that include CFNM oriented interaction pop up in the land of mainstreme hardcore porn. surprisingly, the high budgets give the scripted scenes better (more ‘professional’) actors/actresses, better lighting, and quite often hotter than average movies. And […]

I’ve got a nice collection of fantasy and amateur CFNM scenarios that involve dick measuring and more along with it in today’s post. I posted these despite having a bunch of videos removed from VidEarn, which I won’t be using any more for hosting if I can help it. I also want to inform everyone […]

Hopefully this post of medical CFNM will be a nice addition to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, if you celebrate it. Speaking of which, I’m incredibly thankful to all of you who have been visiting the site, as without your support and consistent feedback have kept me going this entire time. So, with warmest regards, I […]

For those of you living under a rock the last 30 years, a glory hole is basically a hole that’s big enough to stick a cock through. And depending where you live, they can be found in practically every porn store video booth in your area. It’s all for anonymous cock sucking purposes, and when […]

One of the most often overlooked and often underappreciated Cfnm scenarios are ones that occur in a friendly game context. You know, strip poker, truth or dare, scavenger hunts, over the top trivia games, and the like. Just take a small group of open minded individuals, mix in some sexual overtones and gratuitous male (and […]

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more site networks out there that can incorporate good Cfnm setups with equally good dialogue and action. Well, after looking around, it’s pretty obvious that it’s frigging hard. But what’s interesting is that one does have alot of Cfnm, doing most of it unknowingly, and that’s Reality Kings. Of […]

As you probably know, Reality Kings‘s network has the excellent and now more regularly updated Cfnm Secret site, specifically geared towards multiple clothed women stripping and having their way with naked men in a variety of fantasy scenarios. However, the network also has great Cfnm scenes appearing in their other 28 websites, including Pure 18, […]

For today’s post, I’ve put together a nice collection of Cfnm scenes involving airplane stewardesses and naked or mostly exposed male passengers. I’ve done similarly themed posts of this type of stewardess CFNM you can peek at here and here but this one’s a bit different. First up is a brand new scene from Cfnm […]

With all the focus upon the blowjob and even sex these days in the plethora of Cfnm sites out there, one is left to ponder, are there strictly Cfnm handjobs out there anymore? And better yet, are these Cfnm handjobs in scenarios where there’s more than one girl having a go at the naked guy […]

As I’ve said in previous posts here and here, when it comes to Cfnm being made available from a multiple site network, it doesn’t get much better than Reality Kings. There’s just tons of great Cfnm hiding in their 29 site network, all of which get updated fairly regularly with content that is of the […]