Cfnm Tales Archive

Since I got so much stuff down below to share, I’ll keep all of this commentary pretty brief. It is a very often that I share this much amateur CFNM, and I’ll tell you why: most of the time than I do post it, I don’t get very high ratings on the post. Everyone is […]

I wanted to first say that I apologize for the week long hiatus here on the blog, but I’m still recovering from a trifecta of bullshit. I am trying to deal with some medical issues, the site got hacked and took a couple weeks to fix, and I accidentally spilled water on my computer tower […]

There’s always been some confusion (even in my mind) as to what types of Cfnm scenes the Eastern European Cfnm sites provide. This has gotten even more confusing as the content of longer-running Cfnm sites like CFNM Fever and CFNM Dogging is now being supplanted and added to on newly constructed Cfnm sites. I had […]