I wanted to have this Cfnm massage blog entry up last night, but ran into some major uploading problems. But better late than never, correct? So I’ve put together seven fantastic (and long) scenes of Cfnm handjob action that occurs in the massage scenario. First up is real amateur footage taken by a guy who […]

I’ve somehow managed a way to get together quite the conglomeration of Cfnm handjob and amateur couple Cfnm footage for you all below. Thankfully there’s been a reprieve in doctor’s appointments and hospital visits this week, enough that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up on my Cfnm archive digging. Up first in the Cfnm handjob lineup […]

Well Cfnm cats and kittens, you’ve got yourself a motherlode of great Cfnm handjob video footage to watch below. As you maybe have experienced, watching most Cfnm handjob videos can become quite boring, as the women tend to get bored. But I think this mix of amateur couple Cfnm handjobs and from a few Cfnm […]

There is old Cfnm and new Cfnm sites nowadays, many of the newer names like Cfnm Max. The big problem is that sites like them basically ran for about a year or so then stopped updating. Well, in this post, I’m showcasing two Cfnm sites that have been around since the beginning of the Cfnm […]

When it comes to Cfnm, none is as raw and pure as when it comes from amateur sources. I’ve corralled a batch of amateur Cfnm movies that show you the range of clothed female, naked male activity that’s possible when regular people pick up a camera and hit the record button. Although they are pay […]

This Cfnm handjobs versus Cfnm blowjobs themed post is a bit similar to the previous one that I put together here, except I mixed things up a bit this time around. In order, there’s some fantastic multiple girl Cfnm handjob action on 5 naked guys in “Caught Skinnydipping” from CFNM Zone, followed by a much […]

I know I said I neglected Japanese CFNM in my last post, but it’s been even longer since I’ve posted anything about Cfnm Zone! Now there’s been some untrue rumors going around about Cfnm Zone, mostly in a couple of forums, that there isn’t any new scenes being shot. Well, thankfully that isn’t true whatsoever, […]

First of all, if you use Internet Explorer to view this site, DO NOT VIEW LINKS HERE GOING TO YOUR FILE HOST.COM (YFH), as there’s crazy popups that will go off. If you use Firefox (which you should be using anyway, you’ll have no troubles. I’ll be trying out other video hosts as we go […]

Cfnm Zone is still running strong with it’s revamped look that I previously previewed RIGHT HERE. Anyhow, the man behind Cfnm Zone has given us a sneak peek of the newest Cfnm scenario serial called “The Spencer Sisters”. Yup, you’re seeing this classic Cfnm-themed video here first! If you think that these amateurish, non-porn industry […]

Although I previously posted a set of pics from “The Cfnm Ad” right here, this scenario is so I just had to share part of “The Cfnm Ad”‘s series for you all to check out. These two guys get casually played with, teased, and pleased so much by these three hot girls that “The Cfnm […]