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Nowadays with the internet and handheld video cameras on practically every handheld device, tons of amateur couples are making their own porn videos. And amazingly enough, a good portion of homemade porn ends up including quite a few clough female, naked male situations. A lot of this is pretty inadvertent, but I like to think […]

Horizontal Handjob

some of you may have seen the first “horizontal handjob” video i made long ago.  well, this one is even better and it’s in HD!  the idea is simple, i just stroke and suck the cock and milk the load into my mouth.  in this position, i can suck out every last drop of cum. […]

Some of best sexualized acts that a clothed woman can engage in with her naked and exposed male, is that of the CFNM handjob. And that’s what I’m presenting to you today: four hot examples of various women that are quite amateur in the online CFNM website circuit, giving handjobs to guys in a variety […]

Back in my freshman year of college, I had a girlfriend who for whatever reason, loved to watch guys jerk off. I was always down for doing it for her as it was incredibly hot and it got her worked up beyond belief! More often than not, I’d be stroking it for her for only […]

If you haven’t seen any videos of the woman to the left (and down below), you’ve been missing out on a real treat. This Latina MILF goes by the name of “Chica” and with her husband, film a lot of their often CFNM oriented sexual exploits together and put them up on Chicas Place for […]

Again I think I’ve put together a tidy batch of some very dirty Cfnm handjob videos and pictures in this post. Normally I like to mix up action from paysites and amateurs, but since I haven’t been showcasing what is out there lately from some of the major sites, you’re getting treated to some great […]

Since the Cfnm handjob genre can be incredibly dull, boring, and basically stupid sometimes, I tried my best to put together a bunch of very interesting ones involving amateur couple Cfnm handjobs. I First have female-in-charge and teasing and denial handjob scenes from paysites, from the following places: Chica’s Place, Fucked Up Handjobs, Hand Domination, […]

When it comes to amateur-feel Cfnm handjob scenes and the sites that provide this specific genre of amateur Cfnm, there’s so many to choose from its ridiculous. So that is basically the premise for today’s mega post of amateur Cfnm handjob clips. One common prop that seems to be used on sites like these is […]

I hope you’ve had as great of a Memorial Day weekend as I have – getting time to relax, see family, and remembering those we’ve lost is important stuff. Oddly enough, I feel like the blog has lost some of its earlier gusto lately, mostly due to the new CFNM site craze. So I’m presenting […]