Crazy Cfnm Archive

I can understand it appears that it’s been a very long time since there’s been activity here, but it’s all but it’s all beenbehind the scenes. So, to get things rolling, I’m trotting out some very straightforward CFNM footage, all coming from Russia, Greece, and France. The true kind of CFNM that isn’t so much […]

I wanted to first say that I apologize for the week long hiatus here on the blog, but I’m still recovering from a trifecta of bullshit. I am trying to deal with some medical issues, the site got hacked and took a couple weeks to fix, and I accidentally spilled water on my computer tower […]

Rodion wasn`t really doing anything wrong; he just really needed to pee badly, and picked the wrong time and the wrong spot to do it in. As he pulled out his cock to empty his bladder, he heard a rustling behind the trees. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mila yelled. “We were hanging out […]

Monica and Lisa were looking for a new roommate, and decide to hold interviews to find one. Bobby was the first one up, and immediately both girls wanted to get to know him better on a more personal level. They coax him onto the bed, flirtingly asking him if they could check and see if […]

There’s always been some confusion (even in my mind) as to what types of Cfnm scenes the Eastern European Cfnm sites provide. This has gotten even more confusing as the content of longer-running Cfnm sites like CFNM Fever and CFNM Dogging is now being supplanted and added to on newly constructed Cfnm sites. I had […]