Crazy Female Doctors Archive

I’m fulfilling a few requests in doing this update of medical CFNM, so I hope you guys especially enjoy these CFNM videos. I’ve only come across a few sites that really address the specific medical CFNM scenario, and funny enough, they usually come from Czech Republic and Russia. So, first up are two clips from […]

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve actually posted anything that resembles medical CFNM so I decided to throw together this post tonight for you all. If anyone is keeping score out there, this is actually one of my favorite genres of CFNM, in that at least with this scenario, chances are pretty good that you’ll […]

If you’ve noticed my absence, it was from one of my frequent hospital stays. It’s during these visits that I am reminded again and again how awesome the medical environment is for great CFNM experiences. So that’s what I’ve delved into for this CFNM blog post, a mixture of fantasy and very traditional and straightforward […]

I wanted to first say that I apologize for the week long hiatus here on the blog, but I’m still recovering from a trifecta of bullshit. I am trying to deal with some medical issues, the site got hacked and took a couple weeks to fix, and I accidentally spilled water on my computer tower […]

If you’d told me five years ago that in 2009 there would be over 15 quality CFNM paysites with a good amount of content, I would’ve laughed in your face. It’s amazing that I’ve now done two new CFNM site reviews in a day’s time! Yes, a new site dubbed Crazy Female Doctors just launched […]