Cruelty Party Archive

There really is tons of stripper Cfnm out there still, which pleasantly astounds me. It just goes to show that women love to go out and watch and interact with male strippers, and there’s plenty of guys like myself that love to see what happens when they do. As this is a sentiment that is […]

Yep, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I do apologize. However, with my long overdue return I bring you a boatload of mostly amateur stripper Cfnm! The first video is a repost of a full DVD’s worth of amateur Cfnm action documented by a certain Hispanic strip troupe. It’s a repost of the original […]

There’s been some calls for male stripper Cfnm via the comment section as well as in emails. Still in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I guess I’ve decided to give you Cfnm fans something to truly be thankful for: a mega post of amateur girls ogling, feeling up, jerking off, and sucking off their nude male […]

I’ve been kind of slacking on regular postings of male stripper Cfnm, so today you’ll find quite a bit to consume. I’ve put together four clips of hot drunk girl on male stripper Cfnm action from four sites that all have their own take on the Cfnm genre. First up is some crazy British Cfnm […]

Well Cfnm blog readers, you know the drill when it comes to this blog and male stripper Cfnm – I always bring the most amateur stuff around and hold it up against what some of the pay sites out there produce. So basically I’ve put together a mega-post of stripper Cfnm stuff, ten videos that […]

In my last male stripper Cfnm post, here, I put forth the question of which site you all thought had staged or real amateur action on them. There was a good number of responses, so I’m doing a similar post – with a couple of different sources this time. Although it’s obvious that a couple […]

The last Male Stripper Cfnm post that I made here focused on the new school vs. old school versions of this popular genre. And this post recently explored the site Party Hardcore. This time around I want to make sure you get a taste of the best Cfnm footage made by major sites, so here’s […]

Women think men are bad when we have bachelor parties. Shiiiit…check out what this group celebrating their friend’s bachelorette party end up doing to this somewhat lucky strippers cock. After teasing the living crap out of him, slapping him around, smothering his face with some of the various girls’ tits and asses, they get the […]

Although I did just include a sample of the hot action available through Dancing Bear in a recent post entitled Real Cfnm Parties Involving Amateur Wives and Girlfriends, I focused on juxtaposing the action with other footage involving amateur girls. I couldn’t help but hip you to Dancing Bear‘s newest 1 hour and 44 minute […]

I just cannot get over how fun this site’s setups for Cfnm strip shows can be if you suspend a bit of disbelief and allow yourself to go with the flow. If you dig the element of male strippers in your Cfnm fantasy as well and find the situation of being forced to perform naked, […]