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As a CFNM porn surfer and consumer, I’ve come to discover quite a few websites which cater to nothing but handjob action in their scenarios. Disappointingly though, about 90% of them are very one dimensional and don’t offer much variety in the story lines and setups. For me, I like for fantasy CFNM stories to […]

Again I think I’ve put together a tidy batch of some very dirty Cfnm handjob videos and pictures in this post. Normally I like to mix up action from paysites and amateurs, but since I haven’t been showcasing what is out there lately from some of the major sites, you’re getting treated to some great […]

There’s plenty of Cfnm scenarios that are considered kinky, but none get as edgy on the kink factor as when the scenario has a incestuous nature. Yep, I’ve put together seven Cfnm clips which all have, in a fantasy context, a “keep it in the family” vibe. This post is much like another popular one […]

It seems like many Cfnm sites and porn sites in general are revamping their sites as well as offering more varied Cfnm content for your money. Like I reported here, Pure Cfnm has a three-for-one Cfnm site deal, but guess what – Club Tug also does! If you didn’t realize it, with a membership to […]

Up until only fairly recently, Pure Cfnm was the only Cfnm paysite that had the guts to provide fantasy scenarios of playfully implied indirect incest on a semi-regular basis. Well, Club Tug and See Mom Suck (both part of the same network) have moved into this fantasy niche of Cfnm. Both sites provide scenes where […]