Ebony Tugs Archive

I’ve got an interesting mix of hot CFNM handjob scenarios featuring girls that are definitely into the act of controlling the naked male. I’ve also included four scenes which are a little more lighthearted, but still have that aesthetic where the girls are definitely enjoying having the guy’s dick in their hand. The first up […]

As you already have noticed, I try to alert you all to decent CFNM website deals that I get hipped to. This time around it’s that CFNM handjob-centered site Club Tug is now offering $1 trial memberships. What’s great about the Club Tug membership is that you have access to their whole network of handjob […]

As a CFNM porn surfer and consumer, I’ve come to discover quite a few websites which cater to nothing but handjob action in their scenarios. Disappointingly though, about 90% of them are very one dimensional and don’t offer much variety in the story lines and setups. For me, I like for fantasy CFNM stories to […]