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Well my fellow CFNM enthusiasts, I’ve returned with a long overdue update to the blog. I’m hoping that since you all were receptive to previous posts of interview & reporter CFNM scenarios like here, here, & here, that a megapost of more would be equally appreciated. So first up in clips one and two are […]

I’m hoping that everyone is still not experiencing problems viewing the site. There was an issue with the site’s software update that I had to find some fixes for. If you’re having any problems, please let me know! Now onto this post! Since one of the last updates of CFNM that I did with the […]

A great example of an CFNM scenario is a situation where a naked male is completely exposed to a clothed female in an interview setting. Usually this kind of setup happens at protests and public events which encourage or allow nudity. And since those things don’t happen all that often, it’s truly awesome when you […]