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Femdom is definitely one genre of CFNM that I don’t often feature on the blog. It’s one of those things where hardcore Femdom fans are very picky about the type of videos and picture scenarios that they like, and purely CFNM aficionados don’t like seeing men receive pain, whicha lot of Femdom has in it. […]

When it comes to amateur-feel Cfnm handjob scenes and the sites that provide this specific genre of amateur Cfnm, there’s so many to choose from its ridiculous. So that is basically the premise for today’s mega post of amateur Cfnm handjob clips. One common prop that seems to be used on sites like these is […]

When it comes to online porn, the genres of amateur handjobs and Cfnm are intrinsically linked. Each have it’s own separate following of hard core fans, but the overlap becomes clear when you go surfing for amateur produced material. This is exactly why I’m posting three examples of this very phenomena from Oceans East, Big […]

This brunette beauty always gives her customers happy endings whether they want it or not. Wearing a sexy blue and green striped dress she had her victim tied down tightly. She warned him to juts lie on the table and take everything she will do to him. This babe begins working by using her skillful […]