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I decided for today that I’d provide some hot Cfnm footage from all three sites in the Pure Cfnm network, which still includes the high quality Cfnm sites Hey Little Dick, and Girls Abuse Guys. Yes, the three Cfnm sites for one membership price deal is still on, in reflection of the somewhat struggling economy. […]

Remember way back when I reported that Pure CFNM was going to be revamping their site with higher-quality looking content? Well, it’s happened! It’s got a slick design with an easy to navigate setup as well as a new model page so you can see which girls are in which scenes. So take a look […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to you devoted readers for supporting my efforts here at All Things CFNM this last year as I appreciate it incredibly & I hope you all the best in the upcoming one. I also want to especially & sincerely thank Jel, Ron, Tom, Pat, Brad, as well as ALL the GREAT […]

“Miss X” is a female photographer who’s into CFNM photography with male models & here’s what she dropped in my email box: “This week was hectic and fun and scary all at once. Our model showed up which I am glad to say, and he delivered as promised (12.5 inches of promise). All of us […]

Most of ya know about the annual international erotic industry convention held in Barcelona, Spain, (FICEB is the acronym) right? If not, you should go read this and learn a thing or two about it. These videos of male and female performers stripping amateurs onstage as well as engaging in sex acts w/them in front […]

Today I’m doing something different by presenting videos where clothed women observe couples engaging in sexual acts. It’s not technically CFNM I suppose, but it is when that clothed woman stops watching & engages the guy. Lucky for you, I picked some where that very thing happens! By the way, these videos are the kind […]

As one can plainly tell, I’ve got ALOT of links to various sources of CFNM from freesites to paysites and pretty much anything in between. That’s kinda why this blog is titled “All Things CFNM”- GET IT NOW? Anyhow, since there’s so many, I wanted to bring your attention to some NEW additions followed by […]

Just A Heads Up…

I just wanted to tell everyone that frequents the blog that I have had some medical problems arise the past month & am getting admitted into the hospital. However, that won’t stop the updates of great CFNM stuff that you’ve come to expect from All Things CFNM! I have a very interesting and accommodating female […]

CFNM has a strong element of a clothed girl’s appreciative reaction to a naked guy. This is ESPECIALLY enhanced when the girl is faced w/a huge black dick! True CFNM fans love their wide-eyed amazement, their comments of “Oh my God – it’s huge!”, and then the definite turn-on of seeing the girl handle it […]

Brandi Belle doesn’t just have one CFNM scenario up for this month, but two! They’re titled “The Blowjob That Never Was, Or Was It?” as well as a soon to become classic “Hellooooooo Nurse!” Now normally Brandi Belle‘s website doesn’t do a CFNM-oriented video two weeks in a row, but hey, we’re not complaining, right? […]