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I wanted to first say that I apologize for the week long hiatus here on the blog, but I’m still recovering from a trifecta of bullshit. I am trying to deal with some medical issues, the site got hacked and took a couple weeks to fix, and I accidentally spilled water on my computer tower […]

Rodion wasn`t really doing anything wrong; he just really needed to pee badly, and picked the wrong time and the wrong spot to do it in. As he pulled out his cock to empty his bladder, he heard a rustling behind the trees. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mila yelled. “We were hanging out […]

There’s always been some confusion (even in my mind) as to what types of Cfnm scenes the Eastern European Cfnm sites provide. This has gotten even more confusing as the content of longer-running Cfnm sites like CFNM Fever and CFNM Dogging is now being supplanted and added to on newly constructed Cfnm sites. I had […]

I happen to be in a position where I regularly experience Cfnm situations in the medical context, so seeing fantasy scenarios that take things to a more sexual place is always a welcome sight. The website with the highest quality storied fantasy medical Cfnm scenes,in my opinion, is Adventures In Cfnm. Also known as, […]

I may be sounding like a broken record in stating this, but guess what? There’s a new Cfnm site to report! Yep, yet another one – Cfnm Tales. At first glance, the combination of amateur-looking Eastern European models, it’s femdom Cfnm flavored scenes that all occur in public make it appear to be almost a […]

Since I’ve gotten a few emails from All Things CFNM blog readers asking for more Cfnm pictures, I decided to make a post with nothing but. Enjoy viewing these 780-plus varied-theme Cfnm pictures folks! Cfnm Medical Exams is very straightforward with their scenes, as evidenced by these galleries.: Download these Cfnm picture sets from Y.F.H.: […]

I’ve had a lot of emails about why things here at All Things Cfnm haven’t been working. Without getting into a long-winded technical explanation, I’ll just say this: everything on my end is fixed. It took A LOT of work and mental anguish, but now you all will have a much more enjoyable stay at […]

CFNM Dogging for Kostik: Kostik thought that he was slick because no one else was around, and Sarah was laying down and catching some rays. So he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures. He’s laughing to himself, lining up the perfect shot… BUSTED! Jen catches him in the act, which wakes up Sarah. Now […]