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Welcome to All Things CFNM’s first post of SPH (small penis humiliation) videos in years. I’ve been a lot trigger-shy when it comes to this sub-genre, mostly because it can cause controversy to you chronic porn consumers out there. Also, I really didn’t find it that alluring on a personal level. However, our tastes do […]

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged about the CFNM fantasy site Pure CFNM. Why, you may ask. Well, I fell out of favor of the direction member input was taking it – scenes with the girls showing skin, outright sex happening in multiple updates, and a general stray from what CFNM is all about. […]

Pure CFNM started over 6 years ago, it was introduced on the old version of the All Things CPNM Blog. Still going strong every week with new CFNM scenes, Pure CFNM is a phenomenon that all CFNM fans can find something to enjoy on. In the two video samples below, two men are faced with […]

If I’m in the mood to sit down and watch a fantasy CFNM porn scenario, I have to love how the female actresses in the scene perform their roles and what they bring to the table beyond their looks. And it’s that kind of consistent performance that you’ll get with two particular girls that appear […]

You know, I’ve been using my iPod Touch to surf the Internet for awhile now, and using it to look at porn has become kinda fun. The problem is that many sites don’t have handheld device (cell phones, iPod Touches, iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc) friendly layouts, and there definitely ain’t any Cfnm easily accessed with […]

When it comes to online porn, even within the Cfnm genre, there’s a fixation on penis size. There’s basically two camps: one which finds it highly erotic to see women’s reactions to a guy with an enormous cock or then there’s the exact opposite. Now the second camp can be described as SPH, or small […]

When I really want to watch some well acted out, fun Cfnm videos starring hot British actresses, Pure Cfnm is always just a click away and isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, this causes me to neglect checking it out as often as I should, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I do. I’m especially surprised this […]

Again I think I’ve put together a tidy batch of some very dirty Cfnm handjob videos and pictures in this post. Normally I like to mix up action from paysites and amateurs, but since I haven’t been showcasing what is out there lately from some of the major sites, you’re getting treated to some great […]

Although I mentioned the other Cfnm site network in my previous blog post below this one, I just can’t help but include another. As you already know, Pure Cfnm has not only emerged as one of the best Cfnm fantasy sites from the huge herd of other sites over the years, but has two other […]

I aim to do two things with this long overdue update, provide some hot car themed Cfnm and remind you of the continuance of the one and only all Cfnm network. Yes, the three-CFNM-sites-for-one price (Pure Cfnm, Hey Little Dick, and Girls Abuse Guys deal is looking up to be a permanent fixture. With the […]