Horny Birds Archive

There’s been more than a few requests for male stripper show video posts recently, so that’s what today’s flavor of CFNM shall be. Now I’ve been asked if Party Hardcore has been updating and I can most assuredly answer YES. They’ve also been including a couple of strippers that often get the amateur girls to […]

When wild and open minded amateur women are looking for a great time without any strings attached, the first thing they go for are male strippers. Now a successful male stripper has to look like most girls’ physically ideal guy: handsome looking, toned, muscular, and packing a decent sized cock. And that’s what this post […]

Thanks to a tip from Loloman, there’s a new CFNM party site that’s hit the net called Horny Birds. If you take the small group male stripper CFNM aesthetic of Cruelty Party and mix it with the amateur blended CFNM action from Dancing Bear, you have an idea of what Horny Birds brings. The site’s […]