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Certainly, it’s not very often that you can find very intimate scenarios of a clothed female watching the naked male jerk off, and have it be very casual, not hyper-sexual, or of the surprise flashing variety. That goes especially if they’re also in high quality video. But that’s the kind of CFNM scenes I’ve presented […]

A clothed female, naked male scenario I’ve got the most personal experience is of this type – where women are washing, shaving, and/or waxing my groin for medical and esthetic purposes. It’s probably one of the most practical CFNM scenarios out there, where any guy can most likely legitimately have a fun and even erotic […]

Showering CFNM is a very rare form of CFNM to find online, especially when and you’re speaking of truly amateur footage. But, I’ve managed to come across some major league CFNM finds via YouTube, Daily Motion, and lesser known video tubes. But first up are two clips of this scenario from the amazing full length […]

When it comes to CFNM, there’s probably nobody more imaginative in the creation of scenarios than the Japanese. Since their culture is so fetishized, they truly are very good at getting specific fetishes like CFNM right and allow their creativty to explore new conceptual territory. So in this update of Japanese CFNM videos, I’m finally […]

One of the best CFNM situations in existence is any sort of scenario where the clothed female is grooming the naked male’s manly bits. I’m talking about Brazilian waxing predominately, where female estheticians are up close and personal to a man’s cock and balls while removing the hair from every nook and cranny. It’s also […]

You may have missed the big announcement I made here, when I broke big news about one of my favorite sites. Zenra Movie Annex has continued to become even more awesome, as it’s the best Japanese CFNM & fetish site with English subtitled movies being added monthly. That’s right, no more wondering what is being […]

I’ve got some incredibly exciting news about a site that I have been raving about for well over 4 years: Zenra Movie Annex. Not only do they have the most unique, rare, and very specifically niched Japanese porn that CFNM aficionados love, the site now is offering subtitled movies! Yes, you read right! Now you […]

I have been neglecting to post Japanese CFNM around the site recently, which is unlike me, really. So this post of Hentai Anime is just one of a few that are gonna grace the blog here in short order. These particular movie clips (the first three anyhow) were contributions made by a loyal CFNM blog […]

This much delayed update of CFNM for the blog is just one of two, which are fulfilling some requests. There’s been a few people looking for more CFNM with a “schoolgirl” theme, as well as for a Japanese CFNM. So, I’ve put together both genres and came up with these four hot Japanese CFNM scenes, […]

There’s been kind of a lack of coverage on my blog here when it comes to the Japanese CFNM genre, so I thought I’d post a little something something to its effect. What’s amazing about Japanese CFNM is how inventive the producers of the stuff can be, making really interesting CFNM handjob & CFNM blowjob […]