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Yep, twenty clips of amateur-produced CFNM all laid out for you all. And I mean this wholeheartedly – more updates, more often is gonna happen around here. So, starting off in this collection (much like THIS previous one) of amateur CFNM are four clips of the clothed female, naked male interviews and the surveys that […]

I know I recently did a softcore CFNM post here, I feel more traditional CFNM needs to be represented. I want more of the CFNM community to remember that CFNM isn’t always about being overtly sexual, so think of these ten clips a bit more that way. Starting first are two videos previous posts of […]

I, for one, absolutely love the observed jacking off and mutual masturbation CFNM scenario. Why? I guess to me, it puts enough physical distance between the guy and girl that a more pure CFNM dynamic is achieved. There’s no hinderance to the girl being able to just relax and enjoy watching, or to satisfy her […]

I did one of these posts not too long ago here, but this one is a little bit different. This time, instead of having footage of cock shock and couples playing on Webcam for others, I’ve got instead four videos of amateur three and foursomes and four more traditional CFNM webcam captures. Now although these […]

It’s quite amazing that there is this much footage of this type of CFNM scenario, as it’s pretty rare when a situation where a nude male interviewed by a clothed female can occur. I’ve made previous posts of this type of CFNM before this post & here, but they weren’t exactly like this one. You […]

Tonight I’m focusing on the unique and completely amateur CFNM that only Kay’s Planet supplies. In the first clip, Kay introduces a 100% amateur girl named Tera to the concept of CFNM by bringing in a completely nude guy to stand next to her while Kay interviews her. Tera candidly answers questions about what she […]

Let’s face it, there are many women out there that are quite interested, or at least a little bit curious about how men masturbate. Given the chance to do it in a safe and open environment, many women would take advantage of the opportunity to watch it happening, right there in front of them. And […]

Man am I excited to roll out this humongous post of amateur traditional Cfnm galleries for you all tonight! Below you’ll see that you’ve been treated to twelve galleries of Cfnm that you’ll not likely see on any other blog or free site out there. I first have three galleries of fantastic Cfnm interview style […]

Much like the previous post of American and Japanese “senzuri” (or “cock watching”) Cfnm I previously posted here, I’ve put together a mega post. Over an hour of amateur girls watching guys jerking off, all for their amusement, shock, and/or lust. First up are two Cfnm observational clips from Kay’s Planet, a great source for […]

All Cfnm related stuff aside, my health continues to be my primary focus these days. But know that I’m stable and making some small progress and that I completely and totally appreciate all of your support and well wishing. It’s helping me through these tough times, so a heartfelt thank you goes out to all […]