Kobe Surprise Archive

This post is dedicated to three aspects of the Japanese Cfnm genre: goofy “game show” setups, nurses, and the rare uncensored stuff. It’s practically impossible to have watched much Japanese Cfnm and not have encountered a scene that involved a nurse or had a girl doing something ridiculous around or to a naked guy. It’s […]

However madly popular it is, I kind of got a little post-happy with Kobe Surprise‘s uncensored and translated Japanese Cfnm content previously. So I’ve waited awhile to do a Japanese Cfnm post, and have only included one update to the left from Kobe Surprise called “Business Women Have All The Fun”. Of course it wouldn’t […]

Since last month’s post of Japanese Cfnm (easily peeped here) proved to be so attention getting, I’ve done another for today. Most of the hub-bub was caused by the review of Kobe Surprise I dropped in your laps, as well as the fact as all their scenes aren’t only uncensored, they’re translated as well. I […]

Those who know my Cfnm predilections through this blog know that Japanese Cfnm is easily one of my fave genres. So when I caught wind of Kobe Surprise‘s entry into the Cfnm site universe, I became a bit giddy. Yeah, I’ll admit that sounds dorky, but that’s my thing, baby. Anyhow, like I mentioned here, […]

I’d originally wanted this Japanese Cfnm post to be a site review for an upcoming new site catering to the genre exclusively. But I’m sure you’ve now heard of Kobe Surprise, which is a hybrid of Money Talks and Soft On Demand’s vastly creative Japanese porn. All except it’s part of the Dancing Bear and […]