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The term “milking” can describe quite a few things, but it’s fifth definition is the most fitting for this update: to extract something from as if by milking. Basically in the context of handjobs, a “milking” handjob involves a woman having complete control over the secured man while working to extract has come through a […]

Although the blog is still experiencing some bugs, I hope that you’ll bear with them for just a short while longer as I get things ironed out. This massive post of great Cfnm handjob scenes should do more than satisfy any of your frustrations. I’ve first presented four harsh-treatment Cfnm handjob scenes, where the women […]

When it comes to amateur-feel Cfnm handjob scenes and the sites that provide this specific genre of amateur Cfnm, there’s so many to choose from its ridiculous. So that is basically the premise for today’s mega post of amateur Cfnm handjob clips. One common prop that seems to be used on sites like these is […]

In the answered inspired Cfnm handjob post just the other day (see here), none of them have the harsher edge that today’s batch does. In each of the Cfnm handjob scenes below, each clothed female exemplifies how she’s got the upper hand on the guy’s cock by exerting a little pain and control. In the […]

I first off want to address the incredible interaction we’ve got going in the comments sections of this post, this post and this one. Your input, suggestions, and kudos are a major part of this site’s existence and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! So thank you everyone and let’s keep this […]

Although I did post a medical Cfnm video the other day HERE, I realized it’d been awhile since All Things Cfnm had it as a featured theme. So, to remedy that, I’ve picked out seven Cfnm scenes that incorporate nurses in a fantasy or semi-realist capacity. The first five are Japanese Cfnm, as nurse cosplay […]